6 of My Favorite 2019 Resort Bathing Suits

Ok, before I start, let me say that part of my purpose in this was to test out a few bathing suits for this coming summer while photographing them in a beautiful location. I hesitate to post this because I’m over 40, have had 3 kids, and am as self-conscious as any other girl – workouts are definitely in my future. Ah!

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All of that being said, I am going to be 100% honest about ordering bathing suits from a company called Cupshe. Their suits are inexpensive yet high on style, so I wanted to test them out during a recent trip to Mexico to visit The Reef Resorts. I’m rating my purchases from least favorite to most favorite and telling the reasons why – I hope this helps!

Summer Bathing Suits

Rising Sun Ruffled Bikini, $26

rating – 2/5; worn while at The Reef Playacar; size M

I purchased this bathing suit because of both the pattern and the ruffle. It was super cute! What I wasn’t aware of was how it would tie in the front. These types of bathing suits are less secure, and I couldn’t wear it as intended on the top. I had to tie the front into a knot, otherwise “there she blows!” – no joke. Ha!

The bottoms fit securely and well, but because of the top I almost didn’t wear this suit. I would suggest this more for ladies with smaller breasts (hence not showing a front shot, lols).

Order here: Rising Sun Ruffled Bikini

Night Floral Bikini with Ruffle, $23

rating – 3/5; worn while at The Reef 28; size M

This was another “tie or die” top, but this one was actually easier to work with since it had a bit more fabric. I adore the super feminine ruffles, too! Admittedly, the tie on tops can cut off the circulation a bit in order to keep them super secure, but I thought this was a fun look anyway.

It was fun to pair with my beach coverup and a scarf to tame my curly locks. This was the cheekiest of the bathing suits I chose, but that was very appropriate (and modest, to be frank) for Mexico. I rated it as a “3” solely due to the comfort of the top. I also WOULD NOT wear this to swim or to a water aerobics class (which I did!).

Order here: Night Floral Bikini with Ruffle

Summer Bathing Suits 2019 High Waisted Bikini Bikinis Cupshe | Travel Like a Prince Mexico Floral Tie Front Cheekie Cheeky
Summer Bathing Suits 2019 High Waisted Bikini Bikinis Cupshe | Travel Like a Prince Mexico Floral Tie Front Cheekie Cheeky

Cloud 9 High Waisted Bikini, $30

rating – 4/5; worn while at The Reef 28; size M

Yes, another tie top! They were SO cute on the models, but this was my favorite of the three that tied. I also adored the fact that the bottoms were high waisted, but the cutouts added just the right amount of interest. The best thing? The bottoms are REVERSIBLE! They flip over to the navy pattern seen below.

The 4/5 rating is because although other mediums fit well, these bottoms were way too big. I would have rated it a “5” otherwise. But I adored everything about this bikini – pattern, styling. Super duper cute!

Order Here: Cloud 9 High Waisted Bikini

Pretty Rhythm Bowknot Bikini, $34

rating – 4/5; worn while at The Reef 28; size M

Are you sensing a pattern? All of my bathing suits were a medium because I wanted to order safely. I normally wear a 2/4, and the medium ended up being perfect. I adored this suit – mostly because the top was very secure when compared with the tie kind. The little bow in front and at the sides of the bottom added a fun bit of femininity.

These bikini bottoms were also reversible to the purple pattern that you will see below. For traveling, having double duty pieces is a huge plus! This suit was also very comfortable for swimming, too. Cute!

Order Here: Pretty Rhythm Bowknot Bikini

Sunny Days Bikini Set, $27

rating – 5/5; worn while at The Reef 28 and The Reef Playacar; size M

Now we are getting into my favorites! As soon as I saw this resort bathing suit online, I knew it had to be mine! High waisted? Check! interesting top? Check! Adorable pattern? Check! I loved it so much, and it did not disappoint at all.

Besides the full coverage bathing suit bottoms, my absolute favorite thing about this suit was the way the back laced up. It allowed for a personalized fit. I feel like my rib cage is so big (no joke – a lot of dresses I can zip until I get to my rib cage), so this was a perfect way to get this bikini top to fit well. I adored this one!

Order Here: Sunny Days Bikini Set

Flower Dance High Waisted Bikini, $35

rating – 5/5; worn while at The Reef Playacar; size M

Ding, ding, ding! This one was my favorite, although the one above is a close second. I will confess that whenever bathing suits come with those circular pads in the bust, I immediately remove and toss those. They never seem to stay put, they ball up, and I just truly can’t stand them. This top was a true bra-like top (although incredibly comfy), so it had a liner of padding that was just perfect. Plus the way the top ties in the back is oh so cute…and adjustable, too.

The high waisted bikini bottom (yay!) also had the interest of the open slits at the sides. Modest, yet fun! I also adored the pattern on this one. This wasn’t a favorite when I ordered it, so I was very pleasantly surprised once it came in and I tried it on. Adorable!!

Order Here: Flower Dance High Waisted Bikini

So, what is my verdict on Cupshe?

Overall, I loved their suits! I almost ordered both a small and medium in every suit just so that I could be sure that they fit well, but I didn’t.

And I am glad I didn’t. Here’s why…

Cupshe generously offers free shipping on all their bathing suits, but you need to pay for return shipping. They are located in China, so I was glad that I didn’t order 2 of each size because I am not sure what the expense would have been to ship all of that overseas.

But, I would totally order again!

The cost of their bathing suits is very reasonable, and their styles are different enough to be interesting. I feel that each resort bathing suit I purchased had a fun element. A bow here. A cutout there. The styling – and their patterns – really are cute!

For a link to check out Cupshe and the cute styles they offer, just click here.

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6 responses to “6 of My Favorite 2019 Resort Bathing Suits”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I’m so impressed with these gorgeous patterns! It’s hard to choose just one. You look fabulous in all them! 

  2. Leigh Suznovich Avatar
    Leigh Suznovich

    All of these are so pretty, perfect for a beach vacay!

  3. Patricia @ Grab a Plate Avatar
    Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    All such cute picks, but I adore the ruffle bikini! Fabulous!

  4. Katherine Avatar

    These are so cute and super flattering!! I haven’t ordered from Cupshe yet but I swear I’ve added so many to my cart in the past lol. I’m about to head to California so I may need to spoil myself to some new swimsuits! 🙂

  5. Maria@everydaymomsquad.com Avatar

    Those are all super cute! I love the higher waist ones. Since my four kids my stomach doesn’t look the same anymore. These look really flattering! 

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Thank you! I’ve had 3 kids, so I definitely feel way more confident in high waisted ones. SO glad they are in style!!