Patina Key Necklace for Travelers | Travel Like a Prince Blog

DIY Patina Key Necklace for Travelers

Patina Key Necklace for Travelers | Travel Like a Prince Blog

While I’m traveling, I love picking up a little something here and there that I can turn into a souvenir. Often antique stores and vintage shops will have keys readily available, which I think would make a fun, wearable keepsake. Here is how to make your own patina key necklace to enjoy!

patina key necklace supplies

  • vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • salt
  • vintage metal key
  • necklace chain
  • glass or plastic bowl

DIY instructions

  • Pour just enough vinegar into the bowl to cover the key. Let key sit in the vinegar for 10 minutes.
  • Add in the same amount of hydrogen peroxide as you did the vinegar (equal parts) to the key in the bowl.
  • Sprinkle salt over the key.
  • Let this mixture sit for an hour or even more. This all depends on how much of a patina you would like on your key.
  • Dry, seal (optional with a spray sealer), and hang on a necklace chain.
  • Enjoy!

Patina Key Necklace DIY for Travelers | Travel Like a Prince BlogPatina Key Necklace DIY for Travelers | Travel Like a Prince Blog Before and AfterPatina Key Necklace DIY for Travelers | Travel Like a Prince Blog Finished

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9 responses to “DIY Patina Key Necklace for Travelers”

  1. Akamatra Avatar

    I am an avid crafter and I love to play with time altering projects! This patina key DIY is excellent! I am going to try it for my next project!

  2. jill Avatar

    What a fun and easy project. I like that it doesn’t take much to make the key look so unique and special. 

  3. Jana Carrero Avatar
    Jana Carrero

    What a fun and creative DIY activity. I love antique keys, and this adds a special feel to them!

  4. David Allen Elliott Avatar
    David Allen Elliott

    Those do look like some pretty cool keys.  It’s always nice to make your own souvenirs.  It’s a fun looking key.

  5. hillesha Avatar

    How gorgeous! This looks effortlessly easy to do, so I’m definitely going to be trying this sometime in the near future. Thank you for sharing this idea!

  6. Catalina Avatar

    I am the same!! For every new place that I visit, I must take a souvenir to remind me of the good times. Flea markets, second hand & vintage shops are a must. I also love collecting maps of all sorts. 

  7. Nina Avatar

    Wow that’s such a cool way to make it look more rustic. And it’s not hard to do either!

  8. Msddah Avatar

    It is def a unique project. I hope I can try this someday! 

  9. l dove Avatar
    l dove

    Oh I love this! What a lovely, authentic piece of jewellery! You are very talented, I’d love to make something like this!