Watercolor DIY Travel Journal

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Crafting your own souvenir is meaningful, and it also makes the journey a bit more special. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to design your own travel journal with watercolor. Even if you aren’t an artist (I’m not!) it’s a lovely and colorful way to preserve your memories.

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Here is a list of the supplies you’ll need.

  • Journal (made with watercolor paper, options HERE)
  • Water Resistant Pen (so water doesn’t cause it to bleed, see HERE)
  • Watercolor Brush (love my travel one like this HERE)
  • Travel Watercolor Paint  (there is a lovely option HERE)
  • Glue Stick (optional HERE)
  • Bag for Carrying (I made mine and love it)

DIY Travel Journal Supplies | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Once you purchase your supplies, it’s time to fill up your travel journal.

This is the fun part. And really it is YOUR journal to do with as you’d like. For mine, I actually decided to test myself, and it ended up becoming a journey of self discovery. I was on a trip to NYC, and I wanted to test out my skills at watercolor. My first try (seen below with the tulip) actually really surprised me! I had a tulip in a glass on my table, so I started there.

The art of watercolor really caused me to pay attention to every little detail about what I was trying to capture.

DIY Travel Journal Watercolor | Travel Like a Prince Blog

I also saw beauty in the architecture – especially the windows in New York City.

There was so much intricacy. I didn’t have time to capture the entire window, but I actually really love how it turned out as an unfinished piece. Again, I was just trying to immerse myself in the art (I now want to take a watercolor class!) while also learning a bit about the area.

DIY Travel Journal Library Hotel | Travel Like a Prince Blog

That’s it!

Feel free to use the glue stick to paste in memorabilia. Take the travel journal with you wherever you go so that you can keep track of your memories. So lovely!

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