Our Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

Visiting the Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince Blog

My daughter had a volleyball tournament (Big South if you’re familiar) in Atlanta Georgia over the course of three days. We found ourselves with free time and headed off to the Georgia Aquarium. Here is what we did and our thoughts on all that we experienced.

We visited the Georgia Aquarium on our own, and no part of our trip was sponsored or compensated in any way. 

Before I get started, I would like to talk a bit about ticketing. We purchased our tickets ahead of time online, and they give you a suggested time slot. When we arrived there were SO many people in line. It was fretting, but I have to say that we worried for no reason because the line (for everyone that had pre-purchased tickets) actually moved through pretty quickly. They also do a bag check before you enter. Ok, on to the list!

the tunnel

It was so captivating to go through the tunnel. You can either walk or ride the mobile pathway. We chose to stand and ride so that we could look at all that was going on overhead. Take a peek below! It’s so fun to get so up and personal with the sea life.

Georgia Aquarium Fish Tunnel | Travel Like a Prince BlogGeorgia Aquarium Tunnel | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the sea lion show

No photos were allowed in the show, but we could take photos beforehand, so I snapped one of the theater space itself. We saw 4 adorable sea lions showing off vocally and playfully. Also, they were rescued, so knowing that they are being well taken care of is a huge plus! Also, we had a line to go in, but they have a cute video/character show in the room beforehand, so it doesn’t feel like as long of a wait.

Georgia Aquarium Sea Lion Show | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the tanks

Of course there are a plethora of animals to peek at. We saw dolphins, otters, jellyfish, turtles… etc. The tanks are fascinating, and you never know what kind of animal just may happen to swim by. It was also fun to look at the penguins, and even the coral was beautiful! Take a peek at some of what we saw at the Georgia Aquarium below.

Looking Up Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince BlogFish Tank Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince BlogDolphins Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince BlogPenguins Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince BlogCoral Reef Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the theater

Ok, I’ll go ahead and admit that I wasn’t all that thrilled with this, although I hate to say it! It was a 4D experience – 3D glasses and also interactive in the way of bubbles, air spurts, water sprays. Nothing too over the top, of course, and I had attended movies that were 4D before. My issue was that I was actually expecting to learn a bit from the movie. It had educational facts (as you can see below) before the movie started, but the movie was basically just an episode of SpongeBob with hardly any educational components at all. That was a bit disappointing to me.

Spongebob Movie Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the map

The map is really helpful! It also can be downloaded to your phone, which is both eco-friendly and convenient. There is plenty to do, although we didn’t have time to scope 100% of it out (especially the shows, sadly!). Also, there are SO many people at the Georgia Aquarium, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like there is. I don’t know if it is the flow of the place or the fact that everyone is looking into tanks and enjoying shows. An employee told me that there were probably 4000 people there. Amazing!

Georgia Aquarium Map

the area

It goes without saying that Atlanta is a great place to visit. I hope to get back and test out more of it! Our time was somewhat limited with all of the volleyball matches. Overall we had such a great time at the aquarium, which is really in the heart of downtown. We walked through Centennial Olympic Park, ate at Ted’s Montana Grill (loved the floor in that place!!) and also popped into The Varsity on our way out of town.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince BlogAtlanta Varsity Georgia Aquarium | Travel Like a Prince Blog

I was glad to cheer my youngest daughter on (she’s taller than me as you can see!) and explore a little of Atlanta at the same time. So fun! Plus, I love animals, so this was a great highlight for us. Want a fun way to record your travels? Take a peek at our journal idea here.

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