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When I was growing up, we spent many summers vacationing in Maine. I remember jumping into lakes, seeing live lobsters and genuinely having a wonderful time. I was able to relive my experiences while visiting Millinocket Maine’s New England Outdoor Center, which is a perfect destination for an outdoor experience.

I was invited by Visit Portland to experience the area, and all viewpoints are genuine and my own. 

My favorite things about Millinocket, Maine

the lake

Lakes have always been in my life. My parents had a boat that we took out on Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania, which grew to them having a property and eventually a lake house on Elk Lake (also in PA). Then after my husband and I had our first child, we also purchased a lake house. So, to say that I adore lake life is an understatement! And sometimes it’s just nice to get away and experience something new such as New England Outdoor Center.

New England Outdoor Center Millinocket Maine Lake | Travel Like a Prince BlogNew England Outdoor Center Millinocket Maine Lake Views | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the accommodations

Whether you are a family searching for an amazing place to take the kids, a couple looking for a getaway, or a group who vacations together (yet, separately), there are a variety of accommodations available for groups of varying sizes. Play in the lake, swim, go boating. It really is an adventurous place! We stayed in a cabin with several bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area in the woods. It was quiet and lovely. River Driver’s Restaurant is also on site and offers a variety of delicious choices.

New England Outdoor Center Millinocket Maine Water Lake | Travel Like a Prince Blog

the adventure & activities

You guys!! We went searching for MOOSE. It actually was super fun, although the only part of a moose we saw were…droppings. Lol! Even though the experience left us mooseless, it still was really fun to ride around and search. The area around New England Outdoor Center is filled with trails, and I loved that they had platforms to walk on. It was cold, but it was really fun to walk to a beautiful lake. I really enjoyed being able to explore! The center also offers activities such as snowmobiling and ice fishing in the winter and canoeing, kayaking and hiking in the summer. So fun!

New England Outdoor Center Millinocket Maine Woods | Travel Like a Prince Blog

All in all I had such a fun time in Millinocket, Maine. I would love to take my family there for a week of exploration, swimming, relaxation and fun. What a great place!

New England Outdoor Center Millinocket Keep Maine Beautiful | Travel Like a Prince Blog

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