My First Airbnb Experience

My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince Blog Post

Have you ever used Airbnb? To be honest, I was REALLY afraid to try it as I didn’t know what would be in store. Plus, we were flying outside of the continental US, so that added another unknown factor. I’d love to tell you about our experience at what was listed as a “funky rooftop shack” in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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why I chose to use Airbnb

So, my husband and I were headed to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to head out on a Caribbean cruise. Fun! We also wanted to spend some time exploring the city of Old San Juan, so I surprised him by booking a very (VERY) non-traditional Airbnb. The ease of using the site was really helpful, and when I saw one that said “funky rooftop shack” it really caught my attention! And the photos solidified the fact that it was the perfect place. I knew that Airbnb would offer some really different types of places!

Bathroom My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince Blog

word of caution about price with Airbnb

Another reason I chose our location was the price – for TWO reasons. First of all, it was fairly inexpensive to begin with. The only thing I would caution you about concerning the price of an Airbnb are the fees that the hosts tack on. I was finding that some accommodations would be $50 a night, but then the owner would tack on $40 worth of fees for cleaning…etc. It really jacked up the price considerably.

So, the places on Airbnb that SEEM inexpensive may not really be so. Ours was reasonable, plus the fees were low. I love that our host wasn’t trying to grab attention with a low price only to have high fees. When you use Airbnb, the fees are all disclosed, but you have to do a bit of searching to find them. So, just make sure that you find out what the TOTAL of your stay will be. Ours was around $70.

Hostel San Juan My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince Blog

what our “funky rooftop shack” was

I definitely have a sense of adventure, so the fact that we could sleep outside AND have a rope bridge to cross really piqued my interest. Plus, it was right in the heart of Old San Juan, so I knew it would be easy to find things to do and places to eat. Plus, it was close to our cruise port. Our room was actually on top of a hostel, which we had to walk through the hostel to get to our room, which was no problem at all. It was fun to sleep outdoors with the soft sounds of the city, and it wasn’t too warm – the weather was perfect! Our host was fabulous, too.

Bedroom Old San Juan Puerto Rico My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince BlogRope Bridge My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince BlogBathroom My First Airbnb Experience | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Take a peek at a video I created while I was there to show you around. Enjoy!

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