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I had a wonderful trip with Windstar Cruises, and one of our stops was St. Barts (also known as St. Barths, although its real name is St. Barthelemy). We rented an ATV and had a fun adventure for a day – although it was a rainy one. Take a peek at our time there.

I was invited by Windstar Cruises to enjoy their ship and write about my journeys. All opinions are my own, and this was my second journey with Windstar (the first was over a decade ago!). 

A day on St. Barts

St. Barts has long been hailed as a place for celebrities and the wealthy (which often go hand in hand). It’s also known for its beaches and red roofed buildings. Here’s what we did for our stopover for the day.

Rockefeller Beach

Also known as Colombier Beach, this beach was called Rockefeller Beach because the Rockefeller family owned the surrounding land. It is at a low point that is accessible by a path that takes about 20-25 minutes to go down. You also have to go back up, so it’s not for the faint of heart! The beach is lovely, and the views from the top and the beach itself are beautiful. There are also cabanas, although we decided to just lay on the beach and then swim.

explore the island by ATV

The only bad thing – for us – that Rockefeller Beach was a 25 minute walk back uphill is that we saw the rain coming. About 10 minutes into our uphill climb, it started to pour! We got soaked. Our transportation on St. Barts was a an ATV we rented. We decided to continue to ride in the rain around the island to explore. It was a warm rain, and we actually had a lot of fun despite getting really wet. Take a peek at my short video from our ATV ride.

see the airport

The airport was really interesting – and pretty, too. We stopped to get a photo of how close to the ocean it was. The runway of this airport on St. Barts was really short, too.

find a fabulous viewpoint

We were getting ready to get back on the Star Pride (our Windstar Cruises boat that was our home for 11 days!) when we found a fabulous viewpoint overlooking the harbor. There was a natural area right near the port (if you’d like to find it, it’s on the same side as the fort, which has been turned into the police headquarters). We climbed up and had a lovely view back over the boats and red roofed buildings on St. Barts.

vIsland of St. Barts Barths Bartholemey | Travel Like a Prince Blog_0001

All in all, we had a great time, although it wasn’t my favorite island we visited. Take a peek here at one of my favorites! Want info on Windstar Cruises? Just click here.

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