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Many people love to wander the globe, but one group in particular loves telling others about traveling – not just about their experiences but about tips, tricks and ways to make traveling easier. So, I reached out to some fellow bloggers to curate a few tried-and-true travel hacks. I hope they are helpful!

Helpful Blogger Hacks

packing travel hacks

Packing a luggage is always a challenge. To maximize space and improve organization, it’s recommended to use packing cubes. They are simple to use and save time with packing and repacking. All you need to do is roll your clothes, place them into the cubes, and add to the luggage. There are plenty of sizes and colors to choose from depending on your need. Consider using a couple of the packing cubes on your next trip. You won’t regret using them! ~ Jackie & Justin, Life Of Doing

Pack clothes you can toss in the trash. Pack your ratty underthings so once you have worn them, you can just pitch them out. I travel with only a carry on, so space is very precious – especially when you are packing a carry on with nine days of clothes. I’d rather use that space for souvenirs, not smelly underclothes. I even pack old t- shirts that I can toss. I’m not there to impress anyone…I am there to see, do and buy! ~ Tammy, Mid-Life Milestones

Travel Like a Prince Quick Tip: In building off of Tammy’s idea, I love taking clothing that I can leave as a donation. Many third world countries can utilize extra clothes and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

travel hacks of packing extras

My favorite travel hack is to bring small gifts from my home country and give them to hotel reception, hosts, friendly cab drivers…etc. This way I can connect better with locals. Many times, local hosts have given me room upgrade, free bus tickets or valuable insider information about a destination because they were so happy to receive a small gift from a visitor. I believe it’s a good strategy and fairly cheap way to show your appreciation towards anyone. It can be anything! ~ Maria, See You in Estonia

Never leave home without painter’s tape. It is the duct tape of traveling! Use it to close those curtains in the hotel room to keep out that crazy sliver of light that always manages to disturb your slumber no matter how tightly you think you pulled the curtains shut. Use it to repair a hem, patch a hole in your bag, or leave a note to yourself on your luggage. It never leaves a mess behind, so you don’t have any worries. For anyone who travels with kids it makes a great toy. We’ve used it for everything from a maze in a hallway to a toy car roadway on the floor! ~ Natalie, The Educational Tourist

itinerary travel hacks

Give yourself enough wiggle room in your itinerary to be able to truly explore. We’re constantly on the go as a society, and just taking a few hours to really immerse yourself into a travel destination or experience is so worth it. Whether it’s unplugging to watch the Northern Lights or wandering aimless through one of London’s picturesque neighborhoods with no set plan, these experiences are the ones you’ll truly remember. ~ Martha, Quirky Globetrotter

The simplest way to add an extra visit is to book with an airline that offers free stopovers in their hub city. If you want to go to a little more effort, identifying hub cities between you and your eventual destination and booking tickets separately to them – leaving time for stopovers – can actually save you money on long trips, because there’s a good chance of more competition on the individual segments. is a particularly good search engine for identifying these possibilities, because it will find trips for you that book segments on different airlines. ~ Alex, AirWander

one last travel hack

Many of our trips are short weekend city breaks. I don’t like to waste the little bars of soap that hotels give out when I’m staying for just one or two nights. Many hotels also give you a shower cap (although I’m not sure who actually uses those, LOL). Try repurposing that less-than-useful shower cap as a convenient baggie for your partially used bar of soap and take it along to your next destination. The elastic on the shower cap can be twisted and folded around the soap for a snug fit. Pop the shower-capped soap in your toiletry bag before heading on to your next destination. ~ Jennifer, Sidewalk Safari

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  1. Crystal Avatar

    Thanks for the hacks! Especially the bar of soap after two days trick!!! Will definitely use this one next week!!

  2. cait Avatar

    these are actually really great hacks- especially just leaving clothes to throw away! i may do this next time i travel!

  3. Elizabeth O Avatar
    Elizabeth O

    This is a really helpful post for those who love travelling. Hacks are such a great help. I like the bar of soap hack, definitely one to remember. 

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    Stuart Forster

    I love reading tips and hacks from experts. They can add value to trips.