5 Instagram Travel Hashtags to Follow for Inspiration

Travel Hashtags to Follow on Instagram | Travel Like a Prince Blog

When it comes to inspiration, Instagram is a go-to place for many. Why not take a peek at our suggested travel hashtags to cure your wanderlust and add places to your list?

Travel Hashtags to Follow


For general travel inspiration and great photos be sure to follow this hashtag. There is such gorgeous inspiration that is sure to inspire you to take your next trip!

Travel Hashtags to Follow | Travel Like a Prince Blog

images via: @living_destinations via @cubano_ph, @oliviapflegerl, @villa_montrose, @hunters_travel


A more modern term for those who love to wander and truly crave it, use this hashtag to find more travel inspo along with the people who are creating it.

Travel Hashtags to Follow | Travel Like a Prince Blog

images via: @aworldoffood, @sophielovestravelling, @luis_carlos_pty, @mthrworld via @rachstewartnz


This travel hashtag is another popular one for the person on the go. Whether they are giving specifics or just showing one lovely shot, it’s worth a look!

Travel Hashtags to Follow | Travel Like a Prince Blog

images via: @lovenaturestyle via @asenseofhuber, @atlastravels, @jule4ka_estonia, @wanderlustbasis


I love this one! The photos are all by…well, dames (girls!), so it’s a lot of fun inspiration for women out there. As a sidebar, you can also get some great fashion tips just by perusing this tag.

Travel Hashtags to Follow | Travel Like a Prince Blog

images via: @melissatakesfashion, @cherrielynn, @kellyyhill, @farhfromordinary


Unique destinations will show up with this travel hashtag! It’s a great one to use on your own images or just to gain inspiration for your next trip abroad.

Travel Hashtags to Follow | Travel Like a Prince Blog

images via: @enlargeyourworld via @kokomoislandfiji, @shootstreets, @michellesokay, @amalficoast_ via @amelialiana

What did you think of those? Do you have any favorites? Of course there are a plethora out there, so we hope you find inspiration wherever you look. Take a peek at a bit more of our advice here.

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13 responses to “5 Instagram Travel Hashtags to Follow for Inspiration”

  1. Iya - Louisa Avatar
    Iya – Louisa

    I love these hashtags! They just make me feel so jel as I just want to go to everywhere right now! hahaha

  2. Ana De- Jesus Avatar
    Ana De- Jesus

    I love looking through travel accounts as it is amazing as to what you can find. Travel photography is definitely a good one to follow!

  3. Dalene Ekirapa Avatar
    Dalene Ekirapa

    I follow #wanderlust and #travelphotography among other travel hashtags and definitely, the pictures are so epic to the point that I have a very long bucket list!

  4. Nina Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing these numerous hashtags, it is great to appreciate the creative, photography and travelling!

  5. Backpacking Series Avatar
    Backpacking Series

    Being travel bloggers, we always search for the right hashtags when sharing our posts on Instagram. Your post helped us to learn what would our readers look for. We have used 2-3 of these and are happy to add a couple more on our list of hashtags. Thank you. 

  6. Kemi Avatar

    Good to know. IG now knows what we like so the algorithm automatically curates travel photos for me.

  7. Adessa Marie Young Avatar
    Adessa Marie Young

    I am actually using these travel hashtags already whenever I post travel related pictures in Instagram. The new one for me is #dametraveler – haven’t tried or followed that one yet!

  8. Simple Indian Mom Avatar
    Simple Indian Mom

    Haha… yep hashtags are really important for Instagram posts. Love the hashtags! 🙂

  9. Monidipa Dutta Avatar
    Monidipa Dutta

    Whenever I come down to your website I love going through your travel pictures because they are incredible. But as usual I loved reading it.

  10. Nayna Kanabar Avatar
    Nayna Kanabar

    I like these hashtags and I am definitely going to follow them and check out the photos.

  11. Everything on a plate Avatar
    Everything on a plate

    Thank you so much for this! We needed some tags for our Kenya trip pictures.

  12. Easter Babe Avatar
    Easter Babe

    I want to travel the world one day. These are some great hashtags to follow for inspiration. All of the photos so far are stunning.

  13. Easter Babe Avatar
    Easter Babe

    These are some great hashtags to follow on Instagram. I love browsing travel on Instagram. I think #travelphotography is my favorite for travel photography!