Island Fashion in Turks & Caicos

Island Fashion in Turks & Caicos

Before I get to the island fashion, I have a true, surreal story – at least for me. In June I randomly saw on Facebook that a resort was looking for models for a new property that was opening on a private island in Turks & Caicos. I submitted my husband and myself as their 30s-50s couple (to look like travelers with expendable income), and we were CHOSEN! We spent 3 days on an amazing, private island resort that hasn’t even seen its first guests yet. I’ll blog more about that later!

As a thank you (like the private island wasn’t fab enough!!), they gave us two days post-modeling at one of their main island resorts. Of course, I took along a lot of fun outfits to showcase from one of my favorite hometown stores, so here is what I wore while we were at Alexandra Resort on Providenciales in Turks & Caicos.

This post is not sponsored, but I do have a working relationship with Gladiola Girls, which is a boutique I genuinely love in my hometown! 

Island Fashion

riding the plane

My first look is simple and casual. We had to take a private, chartered jet (see, surreal, right?) for our small group of 7 to head to the main island. So, I knew that comfort was key. My jeans are by Level 99, and I adore them! They have a fabulous amount of stretch, which makes them comfy for the tight confines of an airplane – plus the gray is a versatile color.

My shirt is from Lucky, and I LOVE shopping at their outlet stores. The glasses are also from Gladiola – for just $15! Oh, and my sandals – by Spring Step – were a new purchase, and they fit so well that I didn’t even have to break them in. So cute! I wore the sandals and sunglasses pretty much everywhere as my staples (you’ll see, ha!).

Island Fashion in Turks & Caicos

biking around town

Our resort had bikes. Yay! I am seeing this as a big trend for properties nowadays. After all, it’s a great way to explore the area and get a little exercise. We biked to the town where there were shops and restaurants. I picked up a lovely pair of ceramic earrings from a local artisan as a souvenir. Now on to the outfit.

This is my first Level 99 shorts purchase, and I have no regrets! They are comfy and fit so well. Perfect for styling while biking. And my Velvet Heart shirt is going to be a staple in my wardrobe, too. It’s just so versatile! It can be buttoned or unbuttoned, tucked or untucked. I chose to tie it in the front and wear it untucked. Love it! Oh, and there are those sandals and glasses. AND…let me just say now that it was VERY windy (just look at that hair, ha!). But it’s vacation, I guess.

Island Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion on Turks & Caicos | Travel Like a Prince Blog

dinner at Blue Haven

Our first night’s dinner was spent at one of Alexandra Resort’s sister properties, Blue Haven. Turks & Caicos Collection has 3 resorts, and you can stay at one, yet utilize all 3, which is so nice. It is pretty hot in the islands, so a strapless dress by FRNCH was my choice. I have worn this dress so many ways, and I decided to pair it with a belt and my L’Artiste sandals – both of which I have had for a few years but still adore.

The earrings are the ones that I purchased that day in town, and my necklace was a gift my husband bought for me while we were in Athens, Greece. I want to do a post soon on my favorite souvenirs, but I’ll give you a hint that artisan jewelry is one of them! This photo was taken at Alexandra, but we did have a fabulous dinner with friends at Blue Haven while I was sporting my island fashion.

Island Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & Caicos

enjoying the beach

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I felt SO fashionable in this outfit! I originally purchased this Effie’s Heart skirt to wear with a white shirt as a dinner outfit (which I can totally still do), but I LOVED it as a beach coverup. Normally, I wear a top to use as a cover, but this skirt and its high waist did the trick. I love the oh-so-appropriate sailboats (perfect for island fashion!), and the flounce at the bottom is adorable.

My swim top is from J Crew, and the hat is from Gladiola Girls. The glasses and sandals – of course – are the ones I wore a ton while in the islands. After 3 children, this outfit gave me the self-confidence I needed to head off to the beautiful beaches.

Island Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & Caicos

dinner at Beach House

There is one location – Beach House – in the collection that is adults-only, so we decided to head there for dinner on our last night. A breezy Johnny Was dress was cool and flowy so that I could be fashionable without worrying about being hot. It also didn’t matter how much I ate – ha – because the food was SO fabulous. Yum! I also added Minnetonka wedges in denim to complete the look (hello, sunglasses!).

Island Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & CaicosIsland Fashion in Turks & Caicos

Such a fun time! If you want to see another of my fashion posts, just click here. It’s from my time in Nicaragua. Oh, and as a teaser, I did a VINTAGE island fashion clothing post on the private island that I can’t share until I’m allowed to show off photos of the villas. Can’t wait!

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