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Feel Confident While Traveling. Period.

Feel Confident Traveling Period | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Ok, so I am totally assuming most of my readership is female, but if you are here by accident (pun intended), just know that you are getting ready for a bit of TMI. Ok? Be forewarned. This post is about my experience with roaming while having my period. Here goes!

This post is in partnership with Knix. Just wait til you hear my story and what they are all about!

Having my period while traveling is nothing short of a pain. As a travel writer, it’s not necessarily the cramps or bloating that get me – although, yes, those are inconvenient – mostly my concern is about bleeding through my clothing. You see, on media trips and press tours, I often am in close quarters and on someone else’s schedule. Here are a few examples of my trials and tribulations within the past few months below.

traveling with my period – #1

So, I was on a two-day media trip, and – as fate would have it – I was riding solo with a male for two straight days. I got my day before “warning dot” (as I call it) the first day I was there, and I knew I was in a bit of a conundrum.  You see, the first full day of my period (as it is for most women, I’d assume) is full of hellfire and brimstone. Ha! Seriously, though, I feel tired and irritable, my digestive system is unpredictable at best, and let’s just say it’s a crazy heavy flow (can any guys STILL READING just leave already, please??).

That encompassed day two of my trip. And I was paranoid. The whole day. Luckily I wore red jeans (not on purpose, either), so I knew I was partially covered, but I made what felt like 1000 trips to the bathroom just to check on things. I totally wanted to fess up to the guy leading the tour that I had my period, lest he think that I had other issues (ha!), but I just bore through it. And then there was the 5+ hour plane ride home.

Needless to say, it was a bit uncomfortable, and I felt as though I couldn’t fully pay attention to the media part of the trip due to my paranoia. Ug!

Graduate Berkeley California Boutique Hotel | Travel Like a Prince Blog Period

having my period while traveling – #2

This is super short, but I made a 6-hour drive to my mom’s house – VA to PA – and I tried to make the trip as efficient as possible. Not many stops and not much food or drink to minimize bathroom trips. I was super proud of the time I was making, only to be mortified to change position in the driver’s seat to get more comfortable – out came a gush of blood that spilled over into my underwear only to have me bleed through. Thankfully, I would only see my mom, and I was almost at her house. Almost!

Graduate Hotel in Charlottesville Virginia | Travel Like a Prince Period

one last period travel story – #3

Last, but not least, my husband and I were on an 11-day cruise, and it was inevitable that my “monthly visitor” was going to make an appearance during that time. We spent each port stop off of the boat swimming, exploring, renting scooters and generally just having a great time. Not that I had any real worries, but it would have been nice to be fully prepared instead of wondering if and when Aunt Flo (don’t you hate that term, lol?) would rear her ugly head while I was far from my own personal space on the ship.

Martinique Windstar Cruises | Travel Like a Prince Blog Period

the solution to having your period while traveling

So, if you have ever experienced any of the conundrums I have while on the go, I have the PERFECT solution for you. Imagine the freedom of wearing a pair of panties that was ready for those leaks, spills, and unexpected starts to your period.

Those are exactly the potential issues that Knix can cover. Available in several styles and colors, these leakproof panties hold anywhere from 1-2 tampons worth of fluid. So, feel free to use them as your period protection, or do what you would normally do (pads, tampons, cup) and have Knix give you confidence that you have a failsafe backup system. I love that! Honestly, with the unpredictability, it’s a smart idea to keep a pair with you wherever – and whenever – you travel.

Ok, girls – at least I HOPE there are only girls still around by now. That was an honest and frank talk. Happy (leak free) travels!

Want more advice on travel? See my advice section here and hear sage advice from other female travelers in this post.

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12 responses to “Feel Confident While Traveling. Period.”

  1. Adventures with Docah Avatar
    Adventures with Docah

    Whoa! This is very convenient! I usually don’t get my period when we were traveling but will surely try this next time!

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      I don’t know why, but it always seems to plague me. Ha! 🙂

  2. Jackie Avatar

    Wow these sound super helpful! It’s definitely something that would worry me on a long trip so now I know what to look into.

  3. Mommy Sigrid Avatar
    Mommy Sigrid

    I want this!!! When will this be available in our country? I hate wearing pads. But I don’t want to wear tampons either. But what can I do? Just glad that my period is just heavy for a day and I only need to wear liners for the rest of the days. But still, they can be uncomfortable after a couple of days. 🙁

  4. Angelle Avatar

    Mostly all female travelers share in this concern. These undergarments sounds like they would be truly helpful. This is a big concern especially when traveling to tropical and beach destinations. 

  5. Esperanza Scotto Avatar
    Esperanza Scotto

    Getting your period while traveling is awful! One thing that really helps me is taking ibuprofen for cramps. Then it’s more bearable!

  6. Tori Avatar

    Okay – I’ve heard of these but so scared to try them! I almost don’t believe that it’ll work? I need to do more research, because that sounds amazing! I’m glad you’ve had good experiences with this.

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Yes! I’ve only tried as a backup, but it still is a good feeling.

  7. Renata - www.byemyself.com Avatar
    Renata – www.byemyself.com

    With all the details, this is a helpful bit of advice – hence quite the unusual travel topic. Ha!

  8. Rose Sahetapy Avatar
    Rose Sahetapy

    Nothing more bothers me more than having the period while traveling. These products from Knix are awesome! Leakproof underwear is a must to bring when traveling!

  9. Amanda Avatar

    Brilliant. How have I never read anything on this before. Well done. Lmao. “Bloody amazing” post!

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Oh my!! Your comment made me LOL!!! 🙂