Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

A Simple Guide to Wine Country Fashion

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Recently I was invited by Venone PR and Off the Beaten Path Weddings on a tour of Sonoma County‘s wine country with a group of amazing ladies. We all have a love for weddings and are connected to the wedding community in some way – writers, bloggers, magazine owners, content creators. It was so refreshing to spend time with women who crave details and love the wedding industry. I’ll be sharing more about that trip soon!

I was an invited guest at these locations, and this post contains a few affiliate links. I partnered with Virginia Dare Dress Company because I love their looks and believe in small, female-owned businesses. All opinions are my own. 

While I pack to go away, I adore planning out what I’m going to wear. For this particular trip, I received an itinerary with what we would be doing along with hints about what to wear for each day. Perfect! Although, when the instructions included terms like “wine country chic” I was left quite befuddled. I believe many of the other ladies felt the same way as the days got closer. I’d love to encourage you that wine country fashion is really effortless! Think fashionable, relaxed, and comfortable, and you’ll have a perfect fit. Take a peek at my selections for wine country fashion below.

Bonus: Be sure to notice that I incorporated a scarf into each of my looks!

Wine Country Fashion

Wine Country Casual

Whether visiting a farm, learning how to make cheese, or experiencing an amazing cedar enzyme foot soak, this style of casual is comfortable and breezy for a variety of instances. Pants, a casual dress, or a skirt can all be en vogue for the most effortless wine country casual look.

Look #1

When I arrived in California, we hit the ground running, so I packed this outfit in my carry on so that it would be within easy reach after landing. I chose something that was cute, wrinkle-free, and comfy. I also added one of my favorite scarves (a silk one with tassels!). I really love the trend of wearing a peek-a-boo bralette, and this dress is perfect for showing off just a tiny bit of lace in the back.

Scarf Tip – This is a rectangle scarf, which I folded from corner to corner to make a triangle. Then, I tied the ends underneath and twisted it so the tassels would hang down in front.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

look 1 photos by Charity Epperson

Look #2

If the itinerary includes a cattle ranch and the great outdoors, wine country fashion is certainly best done in a casual way! I chose to go sleeveless with just a peek of color in a bralette paired with one of my staple denim skirts – it’s stretchy and comfy. What a perfect look for navigating the uneven ground and dealing with a bit of dust here and there! I am going to fess up and tell you that the photo in the ATV was only for fun – I didn’t actually get to ride it. But I did get to eat a freshly picked pepper from the culinary garden – so yummy!

Scarf Tip – Want to incorporate a scarf, but don’t know exactly where? Just tie one onto your bag! It’s a great way to incorporate a pop of color into your daily look.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

photos for look #2 and the rest of the post by Krista Lynch

Look #3

The days are out of order so that I could categorize by look, so this was my parting look! I traveled in this outfit on a 5+ hour flight, so I knew I needed to wear something comfortable and stretchy. These jeans are one of my absolute favorite pairs due to how comfortable they are. I wore them on the flight to CA, too – yes, they are that fab. The meadery was so lovely – the greenhouse there had the perfect light.

Scarf Tip – I adore adding a scarf for color! Draping one around the neck loosely is perfect for a wine country casual look.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

bonus: here is everyone’s interpretation of wine country casual as we toast with a glass of delicious mead.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Wine Country Chic

When thinking about wine country fashion, chic basically comes somewhere in between casual and formal. A not-so-dressy dress that is both breathable and comfy is a good piece to invest in when heading to wine country.

Look #1

The itinerary called for wine country fashion in the casual sense, but I decided to kick it up a bit to the wine country chic category! I was so comfortable, and the linen dress was flowy and breezy enough to tackle all we were doing. And it was a full day. From wineries and lunch at a farm to grabbing frozen slush (yum!), a lightly colored dress was perfect. The wagon below is actually a guest room at Front Porch Farm. I’d say that it doesn’t get any cuter, folks!

Scarf Tip – Have a long scarf? Don’t feel as though you have to wrap it! Mine was long enough to hang loose and knot each end for interest.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince BlogGuide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Look #2

Our farewell dinner was definitely one for the books, which called for wine country chic. I adore the fit and flare of my dress. What a quintessentially feminine piece! Chambray is versatile, and I paired it with a scarf tied at the neck to give a bit more coverage. It was perfect for an upscale evening dining outside with friends.

Scarf Tip – Feeling a bit conscious about your cleavage? Add a scarf around the neck, and let it hang down a bit to cover your decollete.

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince BlogGuide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Wine Country Formal

The word “formal” scared me a bit, but in wine country, formal thankfully doesn’t include ballgowns. I opted for comfort, and I chose a dress that could be dressed up or down for different occasions. Our dinner was served in a wine cave – so beautiful – and the elbow-length sleeves kept me warm as the temperatures went down. In the last photo of me by the fountain, be sure to notice the hummingbirds that flew by to say hi. So gorgeous!

Scarf Tip – Want a bit more color than a necklace will offer? Add a scarf tied at the neck. I love the bow loosely tied to the side. So chic!
Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince BlogGuide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blogbonus: just for fun, here is a photo of all of us with our interpretations of wine country formal. what a lovely group of ladies!

Guide to Wine Country Fashion | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Hopefully, my guide helped a bit in determining your wine country fashion if you head out to the vineyards – whether in California or Virginia. If you do, be sure to enjoy the views and savor each and every sip!

Take a peek at another of my travel fashion posts here. Happy travels!

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18 responses to “A Simple Guide to Wine Country Fashion”

  1. Karla Avatar

    All of you look amazing! It’s always nice to meet up with bloggers, writers, and influencers. Everyone is doing their best to look very fashionable. It’s perfect for Instagram!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc Avatar
    Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love the way you used colorful scarves/bandanas to give the perfect accent to your outfits. I will have to use that trick too!

  3. Elizabeth O Avatar
    Elizabeth O

    It sounds like you all had a lovely time here. I really like the outfits you put together but especially the Alice wrap dress it’s gorgeous! 

  4. Monidipa Dutta Avatar
    Monidipa Dutta

    I always love reading things about fashion because that helps me to learn something new to try. I must say this was really a great read.

  5. Avatar

    Oh I love your dress and that colour is just gorgeous! It’s a colour I wouldn’t think to choose but I’d be interested to try! Lovely photos! 

  6. Fashion and Style Police Avatar
    Fashion and Style Police

    I am loving all your looks. My favourite is the first photo with the green dress. It is so stylish. 

  7. Dalene Ekirapa Avatar
    Dalene Ekirapa

    It’s always nice when you spend time with people of the same interest,right? Anyway, I love how you dressed for your wine country tour, but above all, the wine country formal look did it for me; that dress is so pretty!

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Thank you! Such sweet words. <3

  8. Rosey Avatar

    We have been talking about going to a cattle ranch that isn’t too far from us. I like all of the styles you have here. The first dress is my favorite. It’s stylish and it looks so comfortable.

  9. Jackie Avatar

    Oooh I love your wine country formal look, that green is stunning on you! And pairs perfectly with your scarf.

  10. Flyingkids Avatar

    You really have great shots. Wine fashion is something not all are interested in, especially in this time where technology, games, and apps are at its peaks.

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Ha! Well, I guess some of us appreciate being disconnected from technology and enjoying the finer things in life.

  11. Jade Braham Avatar
    Jade Braham

    This is a brilliant post! You really have a talent for matching clothes to the activity/environment. You all looked stunning and everything just looks spot on! Plus it looks like you had a great time. 🙂

  12. Nidhi Fouzdar Avatar
    Nidhi Fouzdar

    I love the way you use a scarf with each outfit. 🙂 Looks like you had a great time. Reading fashion blogs like yours helps to get new tricks to use wardrobe in different ways.

  13. Khushboo Avatar

    Looks like you had a great time.  Loved your outfits! They look so fashionable and classy. <3

  14. kim Avatar

    Would love to visit wine country! What beautiful pictures you got and I love all of the styles you wore while visiting!

  15. Razena Avatar

    I never realized the wine country had it’s own fashion and style but find this really useful. I have to attend a family wedding on a wine farm next year so will have to plan my outfit accordingly :O

  16. blair villanueva Avatar
    blair villanueva

    i like your laidback grey dress, suits you well and for the country weather. You look chic!