5 Child-Centered Philanthropic Trips for 2019

A new year is approaching! Many people are making the shift from thinking of themselves to utilizing their time to help others. Some are passionate about ecology and animals. If your focus is children, here are 5 philanthropic trips to encourage your soul while doing good around the world. Oh, and these are places I have actually volunteered. I adore working with kids!

Volunteer at a Daycare in Mexico

If you love kids, this is a perfect voluntourism trip. Aiding teachers in feeding children, rocking babies and emptying tiny potties seems like a simple thing to do, but the impact is great in lending an extra hand in the daycare rooms.

Visit Schools in Africa

Whether it’s a school for the deaf or blind or an area filled with poverty, children love to sing to guests and show off their heritage. Your presence is as encouraging to them as theirs is to you with their joyful and hospitable attitudes.

Practice English in China

All you need to teach English is a desire to do so and an ability to speak the English language. If you speak it, you’re good to go! From teaching what it really means to “let the cat out of the bag” to having casual chats with students, hearing conversational English goes a long way in mastering the language.

Teach Children in Nepal

Coming up with relevant lesson plans and working with an interpreter may seem like daunting tasks. When it comes to kids, it’s easy as can be! Plus, working with someone to translate actually gives you a bit of time to think about what to say next while gauging how the children are processing the information.

Aid After-School Students in Nicaragua

One of the philanthropic trips I took in 2018 was centered around volunteer work for a children’s after-school program in Nicaragua. If you have a special skill set or just want to join in the fun in helping out with yoga, games, art, computer, and other classes, then helping children inenrichment classes might be for you.

Hopefully, the new year will bring new adventures and experiences! I encourage you to experience philanthropic trips in the new year. Happy traveling!

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