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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Traveler

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and if you’re in a relationship, you know what that means! Gifts, date nights, cards…it can all be a little bit stressful, especially if you are saving up for a big trip. So, if both of you enjoy roaming the globe, here are a few Valentine’s Day date night ideas that cost little or no money at all.

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5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

watch a travel movie

With all of the sources at our fingertips – whether it’s an online streaming service or an actual DVD – it’s easy to grab a movie that can transport your mind to a faraway land. For great movie suggestions, Conde Nast has a fabulous list here. It’s a great reason to snuggle up on the couch and dream that you are in another place.

listen to music that inspires wanderlust

There are two ways to approach this. The first is to listen to music that is specific to an area – think Caribbean drums or a mariachi band – that will take you to a location. Or, you can soak in some tunes that talk about a love for travel. There is a great list here if you want to check out suggestions.

make a traditional meal at home

One bad thing about going out to eat on February 14th is that everyone else is also going out to dinner. So, why not cook a meal together? I think this can be such a romantic thing to do anyway, but choosing recipes that are specific to a region can be a fun thing to test out. This is one of my favorite inexpensive Valentine’s Day date ideas.

explore your hometown

Travel doesn’t always mean heading to a foreign land, right? Even going the next town over counts! So, why not explore in your own home town? Go hiking, explore a museum, take a new look at your area. It’s a great way to get familiar with the community you call home. And we all have nearby places on our list that we never manage to get to – why not do it together on Valentine’s Day?

plan your next trip

Break out the travel books. Bend the corners of your favorite travel magazines. Do internet searches. Even if you aren’t headed anywhere specific in the near future, taking the time to ponder places and drool over gorgeous images can satiate the deepest of wanderlust desires.

So, no matter how you plan to spend February 14th, I hope you can get away for a little bit…even if only in your mind!

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14 responses to “Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Traveler”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Love these non-traditional ideas as a way to try something different on V-day!

  2. Marina Avatar

    These are all great tips. I don’t do anything special at Valentine’s I love staying at home, cooking and watching tv with my husband and my dogs x

  3. Amber Avatar

    Loving all these ideas! Making a traditional meal at home is right up our alley. We have been trying to make German dishes lately from grandmas recipes so it can be fun and comforting and you could def make it a little romantic too. 

  4. Clair Avatar

    Loving these date ideas! It gets hard trying to plan stuff when having to figure out what to do with the kids. These ideas are so simple and make it easier to plan those date nights 💕

  5. huda Avatar

    my husband and i have yet to travel but this gives us some pretty good ideas when we do!

  6. Linda (LD Holland) Avatar
    Linda (LD Holland)

    This post was a good reminder that you don’t need to break the bank on Valentine’s Day to have a great date night with your sweetie.  We love to make a meal together for special days like Valentine’s.  Even better when we pick a theme like a travel destination that brings back memories for us.  

  7. Sherianne Avatar

    I like all these ideas, especially if they come with a trip. Play Caribbean music, while enjoying a local meal followed by a movie set there THEN give me plane tickets and I would be insanely happy!!!

  8. Jacqueline M Gately Avatar
    Jacqueline M Gately

    Love is not about big showy displays of affection on special occasions (as nice as they are). It’s about the everyday gestures like these that keep the connection alive. My favorite is making a traditional meal at home. To me, there is no greater way to show someone you care than by preparing a meal made with love.  <3

  9. Danik Avatar

    Good ideas here but for me personally, me and my partner don’t do Valentine’s (stigma – commercialism…etc, not going into it). These sorts of things we try and do all year round like explore our home area. There is always something new to see and do and we are never bored. Also, it keeps the romance up and we don’t just have to do it on the one day every year. 😛

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      I totally agree – keep the romance alive all year round! <3

  10. Subhashish Roy Avatar
    Subhashish Roy

    For me this year it would be staying at home, cooking a meal and planning out further on our forthcoming holiday. Let it be different this time. Right?

  11. Sandy N Vyay Avatar
    Sandy N Vyay

    These are some nice and cost-effective ideas for Valentine’s Day date! All of them are lovely and have a warmth and personal touch which is so much better than expensive dates. After all, it is all about spending quality time with your loved one, everything else is just frills.

  12. Fae Avatar

    I love all these chill and laidback ways to spend Valentine’s date for travelers. Cooking homemade meals, exploring the next town and planning the next travel adventure all sounds amazing. Love it!!!

  13. daniel Avatar

    Great post!! It’s almost Valentine here and as my girlfriend and I love to stay in for Valentine’s. So I guess cooking her favorite meal along with a great wine would be it.