The Charms of London at Night

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I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to many cities, and I have to admit that London is one of my favorites! It also has a pretty viable nightlife, which I hope to experience more thoroughly someday. But – for you night owls headed there – I have a guest post on all this lovely city has to offer.

London has one of the most dynamic nightlife scenes in Europe. While it’s not known for any particular feature (such as the gaudy clubs of Ibiza, for example), the city is absolutely packed with things to do in London at night. Some are in the bar and club realm, and some wholly separate.

Altogether, navigating some of these activities on a nice night can be one of the most pleasant experiences one can have in London. It is almost, in certain circumstances, as a living fairytale of urban exploration. Wandering is part of the idea, but, as with any great city, there are still some particularly charming venues and attractions you really shouldn’t miss. 

London at Night

Crocker’s Folly

Look up London’s best restaurants and you’ll find all sorts of traditional (if fabulous) fine-dining settings. They tend to be lovely, but also very expensive, and somewhat stuffy, for lack of a better word. Crocker’s Folly is one very well-regarded establishment that’s a little bit different though.

The menu is actually inspired largely by Lebanese cuisine, but it’s the venue – a sort of upscale gastropub – that can really set your night out in London off on the right foot. This is a beautiful restaurant, but one that also has a lighthearted atmosphere. There are marble fixtures, ornate chandeliers, and artistically patterned ceilings. It also has exposed wood floors, ample lighting, and happy patrons to offset the formality of it all. 

The Eye

Of course, there’s the London Eye, and as touristy as it may be, it’s still quite charming. The lines can be long, but once you’re up in a compartment, looking out over a lit-up London at night and sipping a drink, you’ll truly feel like the master of your own fairytale.

The Charms of London at Night | Travel Like a Prince Blog

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is a fascinating place in that there’s more to it than its Michelin-starred café. In fact, the chef that earned the star has actually moved on since. However, this restaurant set within what’s effectively a gardening center is one of the more interesting ones you’ll find in London. It also can be particularly beautiful after dark. Rustic décor, surrounding plants, and exposed lighting set a brilliant atmosphere. The food – despite the aforementioned departure of the Michelin-starred chef – has a wonderful, fresh reputation. 

London Ghost Bus Tours

Here we’re not talking about something beautiful or glamorous, but rather something that plays into the mystique of the city. These tours take you on a double-decker bus through the city at night, exploring some of its supposedly haunted corners and delving into some of its greatest legends. There is a certain charm to it, in part because it’s unlike anything you’ll find in most other European cities. 

The Charms of London at Night | Travel Like a Prince Blog

The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is known as a casino, but that’s not what makes it magic. Casino games in the UK can be found in great volume online, and there’s no real need to find them in person. The Hippodrome, though, retains a piece of the spirit it had when it opened in 1900, complete with in-house circus acts. There are live performances, spectacular bars and restaurants, and various special events from time to time. It’s a full entertainment venue and an exhilarating part of London at night.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Somewhat self-explanatory, the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is one of the most striking theatrical venues in London. It is indeed an open-air amphitheater in the midst of the extraordinary Regent’s Park, and a magical space to spend a couple of hours. Well-lit performances extend past sundown, and there’s always something good playing. The schedule for 2019, for instance, includes an interpretation of “Hansel & Gretel” as well as Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” 


If you’re looking for a place for a drink – perhaps after a showing in Regent’s Park – there are innumerable historic, well-regarded pubs to consider. Beyond these commonly recommended venues though, Nightjar offers a nice alternative. It’s a small, dimly lit cocktail bar, beautiful in its own right but also showcasing a sort of tucked-away vibe. It’s the sort of place that makes you feel special as you sit down for a drink or two, and one that can just as easily bring your night to a close or propel you toward your next stop out and about. 

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