How to Take Care of Your Skin While Traveling

I love travel! I think that’s pretty obvious if you read my blog, right? Ha! And – as an over 40 gal – it’s really important for me to take care of my skin, especially when I’m on the go and out of my regular routine. So, whether you are searching for a skincare routine (I suggest this one!) or already have one in place, here are a few tips for how to take care of your skin while traveling.

This is a post in collaboration with a brand I believe in, trust, and use as part of my skincare routine.

How to Take Care of Your Skin While Traveling

Soak up the sun? Maybe not.

As we know, the sun is one of the biggest contributors to aging skin. But it’s unavoidable when you are by the water or touring outdoor sites. To stay fresh and flawless during your travels, make sure you pack a sunscreen that will cover and protect.

Size matters.

Consistency in skincare is like consistency in exercise; it doesn’t work if you don’t stick to a routine. Your skincare products should come in travel size (under 3 oz.) so that you may take them on an airplane. Speaking of planes, they are very dehydrating, so using a moisturizer in flight is a must!

Stay hydrated.

There are many health benefits to keeping your body hydrated. I always keep a water bottle with me when I travel. It’s great to fill up after you go through airport security, and having water handy while touring is convenient. A side benefit is clear and hydrated skin, so drink up!

photos by Daria Shevtsova

Not all are created equal.

Skincare regimens are not one-size-fits-all. First determine the type of skin you have and then seek out products that will address your problem areas. For me, I always worry about dark spots (hello tanning in my teens!) and fine lines, so keeping those under control is a priority to me.

Consider environmental factors.

If you live on the East Coast as I do, you are used to humid air. But if your travels take you to a dry climate, your travel skin care should should reflect that. Adding in products for extra hydration will make your skin healthy and happy!

Do what you know.

Of course, when you travel, be sure to keep up a good routine. Get enough sleep, be active, eat smart, and do all of the wonderful things you would normally do to ensure lovely skin at home.

Hopefully, these tips on how to take care of your skin while traveling are helpful. We all want to hold on to our youth as long as we can, and taking care of our skin properly is a great start. If you’d like to see how to take care of your hair, just check here.

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