5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia Down Under | Travel Like a Prince Blogger Influencer Freelancer Writer Blog

5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia

5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia Down Under | Travel Like a Prince Blogger Influencer Freelancer Writer Blog

Visiting a new country can be exciting, nerve-wracking and overwhelming at the same time. Not only is it a completely new place, but it is also a whole new experience. When you are an avid traveler you want to get the most out of the location you are visiting. Today we are providing you with the best tips for you to enjoy the ultimate visit to Australia.

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5 ways to make the most of a visit to Australia

1. Get out of your comfort zone

When abroad you usually find that there are different experiences on offer, especially those that differ from the UK. Whether it is bungee jumping, feeding a kangaroo or swimming with dolphins it is important to get the correct protection before traveling, and with so many amazing things to do Down Under it’s worth being prepared.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia Down Under | Travel Like a Prince Blogger Influencer Freelancer Writer Blog

2. Make an itinerary

Before heading anywhere we would recommend doing your research on the area you are going to visit. You should decide on what you want to see, how you will get to each place, what you will do and how long you will stay for. Having a plan like this in place can avoid you racking up unexpected costs too. There are so many resources online to help you create a plan of action for your visit to Australia.

3. Visit landmarks

Doing some research and finding out how much it will cost to visit some major landmarks and attractions is a great way to avoid spending over the odds. If you book for a time when kids are at school you will be able to experience more things without the prices being increased. Some of the top destinations to visit whilst in Australia are Cairns Botanic Gardens, the Lighthouse Trail and of course Sydney Opera House – this is the ultimate landmark to visit whilst Down Under.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia Down Under | Travel Like a Prince Blogger Influencer Freelancer Writer Blog

4. Dine uniquely

In Australia, there is an array of amazing dining experiences to try, including eating with Koala bears or even going up in a hot air balloon for some snacks and champagne. Make the most of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more ideas, Trip Advisor has some great suggestions.

5. Take pictures

Pictures are a great way to remember your trip, and there’s a variety of methods you could use to store these once you’re back at home from your visit to Australia. More often than not these snaps are just uploaded to Facebook within an album, however, it can be great to find a different way of keeping these as a memento like in a scrapbook or by getting them printed online. If you’ve taken a really great photo of a landmark it can be worth getting this turned into a canvas so you can have that little piece of your trip on your wall for you to see every day.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia Down Under | Travel Like a Prince Blogger Influencer Freelancer Writer Blog
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15 responses to “5 Ways to Maximize Your Visit to Australia”

  1. Brit Bingold Avatar
    Brit Bingold

    Great tips! Maybe one day we will get there, looks beautiful.

  2. Heather Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! I’m hoping we can go soon.

  3. Amber Avatar

    Would love to visit Australia! It looks so gorgeous. 

  4. Lisa Favre Avatar
    Lisa Favre

    I would love to take a foodie trip to Australia! I’d definitely dine at the most unique places!

  5. Helen Little Avatar
    Helen Little

    Such a beautiful country to visit! Thanks so much for your tips. It’s a long way to go so it’s best to make the most of it!

  6. Cat Lin Avatar
    Cat Lin

    I believe what you said above applies to every new place that you visit as those are what make a visit to certain place memorable.  Well if I’m in Australia, I’d love to try dining up on a hot air balloon. It sounds a truly unique experience.

  7. daniel Avatar

    Great list!! You’ve pointed out a lot of relevant things, I always feel that unless you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you can never experience the true meaning of traveling. I have been to Australia a couple of years ago and I still believe that it is one of the unique places on the earth.  

  8. Marlies Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more! I did all those things while I was in Australia. Still miss it every day. I also think you can use these tips in every country! 🙂

  9. Diana Avatar

    I would love to dine with koala bears! (Also – totally read that as “eat koala bears” and not “eat WITH koala bears” and freaked out for a second. Phew!) I would be so down to try any of those unique adventure activities too. Can’t wait til I get to visit Australia!

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Ha! I am glad you re-read it, lols!

  10. Yukti Agrawal Avatar
    Yukti Agrawal

    Your tips are really helpful and it totally relates to the beautiful country of Australia.  Taking pictures until my memory card was full would be my way of maximizing the Australian trip! Also planning an itinerary and doing something unique is what Australia is all about!

  11. Shreya Saha Avatar
    Shreya Saha

    I have never been to Australia but it is great to learn about the exciting places to visit there. This will surely help me plan my trip to Australia. I will make sure of taking a lot of pictures and dine uniquely.

  12. Medha Verma Avatar
    Medha Verma

    It has been less than 6 months since I travelled to Australia! I did manage to visit most popular tourist spots and landmarks and thankfully it was smooth without too much crowd, I think it was still school time for the kids! I took loads of pictures though I didn’t get them printed, I could look at doing that for some of them. I couldn’t afford any exquisite dining experienced, unfortunately!

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Honestly, if I have to skimp in one area when I travel, it is DEFINITELY food, so I get ya! 🙂

  13. Nina Bosken Avatar
    Nina Bosken

    I feel like you’d have to jump out of your comfort zone a bit to truly enjoy Australia and all that it has to offer. It looks like an amazing place that I’d definitely like to spend a few weeks to a month in!