5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile | Travel Like a Prince Blog Writer

5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile

5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile | Travel Like a Prince Blog Writer

When it comes to diversity in topography, Chile takes the crown. Due to its very slim dimensions, you may be quite surprised to learn that this South American country is home to some of the most significant geographical resources, such as mountains, deserts, glaciers, and architecture. Also, the country provides very clear views of the sky from the Elqui Valley. It’s also a romantic place for couples to go.

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5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile

A holiday here will leave you spoiled for choices on things to try. Below, we’ll look at five amazing things to try on a holiday to Chile.

Star Gazing in Chile

Chile is home to the world’s clearest skies. Its topography and location make it a window to the universe.

Places such as the Elqui Valley, San Pedro de Atacama, and Cajón del Maipo have minimal man-made light, making them ideal spots to enjoy the views of the sky at night. At the Elqui valley, you’ll be able to witness the total solar eclipse if you visit at the beginning of July this year.

With guidance from experts, you will learn about the different constellations and planets, and enjoy viewing the stars.

Horseback Riding in Chile

Exploring the many tracks and valleys while on horseback is one of the most amazing things you can do in Chile. You’ll enjoy the rhythm of the horse’s heartbeat as you trot the undulating terrain of the country’s gorges.

If you’re interested in the desert, take a ride through the oases and dunes in the Atacama, view the magical sceneries of San Pedro de Atacama, and stare at the magnificent starry sky.

Don’t forget to visit Lauca National Park, where you’ll enjoy the warm companionship of the Chilean horses as you watch the diverse wildlife. You can also challenge your nerves by taking a horse ride through the craters and volcanoes of Rapa Nui.

For a more natural adventure, inhale the perfume of ripe grapes as you gallop through bright vineyards of Maipo Valley. Enjoy the scenery of the valley with its vineyards and have a taste of its superb wines at Isla de Maipo.

Mountain Biking in Chile

If you enjoy being up close with nature, then you’ll have fun mountain biking in Chile. The country has some splendidly varied landscapes, with trails and peaks that make it ideal for both experienced and novice cyclists.

Challenge yourself by pedaling across in the driest desert in the world with its endless stretches of sand and vast salt flats. Follow the trails in Pan de Azúcar National Park and head towards the ocean waters of the Pacific. You can also keep your adrenaline high by using your mountain bike to cycle through the vertical Andean foothills.

Head south to the Carretera Austral and cascade through the wild terrain of the Patagonia region as you enjoy the cool breeze. Enjoy the magnificent view of the exotic flora and fauna near Puerto Natales, or pedal your bike through the famous Milodon Cave, and explore the significance of this national monument.

5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile | Travel Like a Prince Blog Writer
Go Trekking & Hiking

Trekking and hiking are the best ways to enjoy and view Chile’s magnificent landscapes. Start your trekking journey at Lejía Lagoon, at the summit of San Pedro de Atacama. At this point, 4,000 meters above sea level, you’ll get stunning views of the hills and mighty volcanoes overlooking the town.

In central Chile, hike the trails of the La Campana National Park, which is designated as a Biosphere Reserve. As you head towards Santiago, in the Cajón del Maipo valley, trek through the Morado Natural Monument and enjoy beautiful views of its remarkable snow-capped summit.

In the south of Chile, Patagonia has many reserves and national parks that provide trails with varying levels of difficulty. Try trekking the Torres del Paine National Park and you will never forget the beauty of its lakes and glaciers.

Explore Chilean Observatories

Almost half of all telescopes used by astrologers are in Chile. For serious stargazers, a holiday in Chile will enable them to explore the observatories used by the leaders in this field.

Close to San Pedro de Atacama is the largest astronomical project on the planet, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The facility opens its doors on weekends for visitors to explore the technology used to observe the universe. Additionally, the Cerro Paranal and the Cerro Tololo observatories allow visitors to view the technology used in astrology.

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9 responses to “5 Things to Try on Vacation in Chile”

  1. Rachelle Avatar

    I love that stargazing is listed as an awesome thing to do in Chile. I love to stare at the stars, so it would definitely be interesting to view the heavens from the southern hemisphere. I didn’t know that there were so many observatories located in Chile! But then again, it makes sense to have them housed in Chile since it has the world’s clearest skies! 

  2. Anda Avatar

    My husband and I visited Chile last spring and were absolutely in awe it its beauty. We went hiking in Torres del Paine, which is the Chilean side of Patagonia and also visited Punta Arenas. What a great country this is!

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    I love Chile! I spent a few months there earlier this year and can’t wait to go back. I didn’t make it to the Atacama desert, but I would really like to. I’m sure the star gazing would be amazing there. I haven’t heard of Lauca National Park, I will have to add that to my list too! 

  4. Summer Avatar

    I will be visiting Chile in November and couldn’t be more excited. I am going to Santiago and trekking in Torres del Paine National Park. We will travel through Patagonia over to Argentina. From your post, it looks like I’m missing out on so much in this diverse country. I would love to see the salt flats or horseback ride through the Rapa Nui. Thankfully, I think I’ll still be able to stargaze when camping in Patagonia. Great inspiration, thank you!

  5. Jane Dempster-Smith Avatar
    Jane Dempster-Smith

    Torres del Paine is such a beautiful part of Chile. We visited last year and as you say you will never forget its beauty. There is definitely a lot to do. One thing that is still on our list is Elqui Valley, you have prompted us to return again.

  6. Suma Avatar

    Wow, never about ALMA, it definitely tops my list of must-visit places in Chile. Stargazing in such a beautiful location would be an experience of a lifetime, considering how we cannot spot stars due to urbanization this is a great opportunity to enjoy the clear skies. All five activities are my favourites and I’m sure it would be a thrilling experience overall.

  7. Clare Avatar

    Chile is definitely on my list to visit! I love star gazing and that absolutely sounds perfect! I would love to try my hands at astrophotography while there too. While mountain biking sounds like fun and a great workout, I just don’t have the confidence in me on a bike haha! And that little fact about telescopes is so cool! Who would have thought?

  8. daniel Avatar

    Hiking is my favorite activity to do in any holiday destination. I have never been to Chile yet but your article inspired me to plan my next holiday.

  9. Bhushavali N Avatar
    Bhushavali N

    Wow! I haven’t considered Chile earlier. It is on the other side of the continent for me! But yeah, Chile does have some amazing places to see. 
    Clear skies are such a luxury these days! I remember how I stared at clear skies in my childhood and my daughter is yet to experience one!
    Mountain biking and trekking are something I’d totally want to do. Wow, it is such a motivation to cycle across barren land when pristine pacific is the destination!