Clean Beauty Products I Actually Use When I Travel

Clean Beauty Products I Actually Use When I Travel | Travel Like a Prince Blog

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s pretty evident that I adore clean beauty products. Being in my 40s, how I take care of my skin is really important to me as I age. I’ve been wearing SPF on my face daily (ok, well almost daily!) since I was in my late teens.

This post contains no affiliate links, yet I was introduced to these products initially via sponsored collaborations.

Clean Beauty Products I Actually Use for Travel

Now that I am older and more knowledgeable, joining the clean beauty movement has been at the center of the products that I choose. I’ve also done several sponsored campaigns this year, so check my list of clean beauty brands and products that I continue to use and love for travel and at home.

What is clean beauty?

You may be wondering, “What is clean beauty?” And that is a great question to ask! Basically the clean beauty trend centers around two parts.

  • Making sure ingredients are ethically sourced. Where do the ingredients in clean beauty brands come from? These companies tend to be very transparent about the sourcing of their products because they have nothing to hide.
  • Using non-toxic and natural ingredients in their products. The natural beauty movement is concerned about how ingredients a clean beauty brand (or any brand, for that matter) uses affect our bodies. You will find that most clean beauty products have oils and natural plant-based products in their ingredient list.
How can I see if the products I use are clean?

That is another great question to ask about the clean beauty meaning. There is a free clean beauty products app that can check products for you, and they are evaluated on the app according to their cleanliness.

Having an app like Think Dirty on your phone is very convenient so that you can check the product’s Think Dirty ratings while you are in the store.  Using an app and checking the ingredient list are two ways to ensure that you are purchasing the safest skincare products. The best clean skincare brands can be found by checking the app.

Products I love that are part of the clean beauty trend.

So, when I do a sponsored post about clean beauty products, which do I personally think are the best clean skincare brands and products? Just check below to see my favorites.  

Oil + Water

Before being introduced to Oil + Water, I wasn’t a big fan of body oils or scrubs for that matter, but it was only because I wasn’t trying the right ones. Enter this duo, and the scrub smoothed and hydrated my dry feet, and skin oil is oh so moisturizing. Such a fun product! I can’t take it on the plane due to the size, but I do take it along when I can travel by car.

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Body oil as part of the natural beauty movement, yes I get that. But facial oils? Aren’t oils the thing that CAUSES blemishes? Was I ever wrong! I tried LATHER’s Chia Passion Duo (passion because it contains passionfruit lest anyone get any ideas!), which is a set of two oils. One is for cleansing the face and the other is for hydrating. This is hands down one of my favorite products. I adore it and love the smell, how it cleanses, and how it makes my skin feel.

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I’d definitely say that rose qualifies as an ingredient that the clean beauty movement can get on board with! I have had this Rose Elixir since February, and I am STILL using it. It goes on my face in the mornings after my shower. The rose smell is amazing, and it’s the perfect serum for my skin to soak in. Their tiny travel sizes are fabulous, and I have taken them on the go, too!

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Plant Apothecary

I definitely believe that Plant Apothecary produces some of the safest skincare products around! Their very premise is all about organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. I was first introduced to the brand via their travel size body washes (so convenient!), and I use the full-size body wash daily.

Not only do I enjoy the smell and the pure ingredient list, but the body wash leaves my skin feeling SO clean. A little also goes a long way, which makes it easier on the budget because it lasts so long.

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Lily de Mai

Lily de Mai is a clean beauty brand made for sensitive skin with its organic botanicals and other good-for-you ingredients. I used the Calming Cream Cleanser, and it cleanses so nicely while leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. It’s fabulous that it isn’t harsh, yet it gets the job done.

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Earthen Skincare

I did a sponsored post for Earthen Skincare and then did a blog campaign with them. The thing that impressed me the most was their Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover. I will think my skin feels fine, but after using the peel, it feels incredibly soft! I also have travel sizes of their line of all-natural beauty products.

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Solara Suncare

I have been wearing sunscreen on my face daily since I was 18, and you better believe that I lather up with sunblock when I am headed outside in the intense sun. Solara Suncare works so well, and it was formulated by a mom who wanted cleaner sunscreen for her kids. And let me tell you – it is SO difficult to find a clean sunblock! Many of their products are 1 ounce or less, so they are perfect for plane travel, too.

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You will recognize this as – not me. But it is my daughter, and sometimes she goes with me to Travel Like a Prince. We have a lot of fun together. She – like many teenagers – struggles with a bit of acne. Hadley has tried many things, and honestly, she wasn’t a big fan of Dermala at first.

Why? Well, she didn’t quite understand that you have to give your skin a bit of time to adjust. Once she committed to using it regularly her skin cleared right up! I’m not sure that Dermala qualifies as one of the clean beauty brands, BUT it did help clear up Hadley’s skin, and they are conscious about what goes into their products.

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Georgette Klinger

When a clean beauty brand has been around since 1941, I’d say it has staying power! Such is the case with Georgette Klinger, and I can’t say which product I like most. Their Volcanic Mineral Scrub gently exfoliates, the Phytic Exfoliating Mask is lightweight and effective, and the Honey Cleansing Gel (pictured here) I use each and every day.

I think it’s safe to say that their clean beauty products were groundbreaking in today’s natural beauty movement. So glad I discovered them!

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Ok, it’s almost unfair just how much I adore Purtanica. It has totally transformed my hair. Their products have the highest think dirty ratings as one of the best clean beauty products for your hair. If you are searching for the clean beauty meaning, I think it’s synonymous with Puretanica!

I take this with me when I travel and one time I was SO desperate to take it on the plane for a 2-day trip that I put a little bit into a plastic baggie to take along. I’m that committed to this clean beauty brand!

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So What About You and the Clean Beauty Movement?

Do you use clean beauty products? It safe to say that there is a clean beauty trend, but I personally believe that it’s more than a trend. Purchasing the safest skincare products by being conscious about ingredients has improved my skin and made me more aware of clean beauty.

Meaning, basically that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in. And if you are unsure about a product, just use a clean beauty products app to check it out.

I truly enjoy my partnerships, and thank you to the clean beauty brands who have trusted me with their products!
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  1. Ashley Stephenson Avatar
    Ashley Stephenson

    I have not heard of any of these brands – I will definitely check them out! 

  2. Lavenda Memory Avatar
    Lavenda Memory

    I didn’t realize that a couple of these were clean product lines! Especially Lather. Whooo! So many good ones to check out 🙂

  3. Kileen Avatar

    I’ve been trying to make the switch to cleaner beauty products! Definitely need to try these!

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    I love that Think Dirty app. It’s so helpful! I use some/clean natural products and I like having these in my routine. I agree that what you put on your skin is just as important! 

  5. roxy Avatar

    So many great brands to choose from! I’m a big fan of Ausganica and Plant Apothecary myself! My skin is so sensitive, it’s hard to find beauty products that don’t irritate it. Clean beauty products really help!!

  6. Nataly Avatar

    I need to check more into clean beauty! I haven’t really explored it much….but you are making me want to check it out. 

  7. Stephanie Avatar

    I love that you’ve committed so much of your time to finding clean beauty products that you love enough to travel with! That’s impressive. These sound really great!

  8. Ashley Rollins Avatar
    Ashley Rollins

    I’m with you. I’ve realized that clean beauty stuff is SO important and I’ve been slowly trying to switch everything over in my own home. Need to try some of these brands!

  9. Megan Elliott Avatar
    Megan Elliott

    Ohhh these sound like some seriously amazing products!

  10. Lily Avatar

    I know I should really make the switch to clean beauty. Thanks for sharing this! 

  11. Lauryn Hock Avatar
    Lauryn Hock

    This is such a good list! I actually haven’t used any of the products before.

  12. Deborah Avatar

    Clean beauty is the way to go! I’ve heard of some of these brands but not all – I’ll definitely have to check out Georgette Klinger – sounds right up my alley!