What to Do With Your Cat When You Travel

What to Do With Your Cat When You Travel | Can I Leave My Cat at Home | Cat Vacation | Travel Like a Prince

Are you curious about what to do with your cat when you travel? Cats love familiarity and basically despise car rides. Plus, taking your kitty on a “cat vacation” isn’t always feasible…especially if you are flying or staying somewhere that isn’t pet-friendly.

While there are boarding facilities for cats, this may not be the ultimate choice for pet care while on vacation. After all, cats like being in their own environments. Many owners also worry about cat separation anxiety.

Vacation days aside, pet owners can also experience anxiety about leaving cats alone during vacation. It is normal to worry about whether the cats have enough food and water, and many owners wonder what if something medical happens while they are gone to their cats. On vacation, you want to relax and not worry about what is going on when you are leaving cats while on vacation.

What to Do With Your Cat When You Travel

Are you thinking, “I want to travel, but I have a cat?” Wondering what to do with your cat when you travel is very common. So, if you need to leave your fur baby at home, here are a few tips to get you – and your cat – through. I want to relieve anxiety about leaving. Cat moms and dads, get ready for some great tips!

Hire Pet Care While on Vacation

Yes, there are boarding facilities for cats, but it’s not necessary to have a professional caregiver. Asking a friend or family member to check in is perfectly fine. It will make you and your cat feel at ease having someone check on them daily. Don’t worry about cat separation anxiety – vacation with peace of mind.

Another idea is trading pet care with a like-minded cat owner – as in you also check in on their cats when they go away – is a great way to go! Can you leave your cat alone for a week? The answer is yes if you have someone go and check on them.

I Want to Travel But I Have a Cat - Pet Care While on Vacation | Travel Like a Prince
Thinking “I want to travel but I have a cat?” Vacation while keeping your cat safe. Photo by Krysten Merriman
Leave a Key to Reduce Anxiety About Leaving

Cats are normally ok on their own for a bit, but in case the pet sitter can’t get there or needs to skip a day, leaving a key in a hidden spot or giving one to a trusted neighbor can alleviate worries if your kitty needs a last-minute check-in. When you are laving cats along during vacation, it is important to be sure that they are checked on regularly.

Utilize Technology to Keep in Touch

Depending on how dependent you are on each other, have your pet sitter text, email, or – my favorite – FaceTime you. Your fur baby would be happy to see your face and hear your voice!

Another way to use technology is to leave TV on for Cat so that he or she can watch some shows to keep entertained. Having a nature or pet channel playing can be really soothing for a cat.

Stock Up on Treats

The caregiver may need something to coax your cat or just to make friends. Having treats for your pet sitter to give your kitty may make things a bit easier on both of them. Whether you are leaving cats alone for 3 days or leaving a cat alone for 10 days, it’s a good idea to give them a bit of special treatment as they are on their own mini cat vacation.

Leaving Cats While on Vacation | Travel Like a Prince
Leaving cats while on vacation will also require leaving their vet info with a caregiver. Photo by Tranmautritam
Put Vet Information Out

Leaving Cat home alone during vacation? Unfortunately, emergencies can happen. Whether it’s stuck to the fridge or on the counter near the cat food, be sure to leave the telephone number and address of your vet.

If you have an emergency clinic nearby, be sure to include that information. You never know if your pet will need care while you are gone. This is especially important if you are leaving cats alone for 2 weeks or any longer length of time.

Close Doors Your Cat Won’t Need to Access

Have rooms you don’t need your kitty to explore? Close those doors. If your cat sleeps on your bed, you may want to leave your bedroom open, but blocking off unnecessary bathrooms and bedrooms is a good plan. As a side note, check that no pets are in the closed-off rooms before you leave! You don’t want to have to worry if you are leaving a cat alone for 4 days or more.

Create a Safe Environment

If you know where to leave your cat when on vacation is at your house, be sure your windows are closed and locked. Also unplug any unnecessary appliances – toaster, coffeemaker – before you leave. You may want to leave a blind or two open so that your cat can find outside entertainment. Having a well-stocked birdfeeder outside for your kitty to peek at is a big bonus.

Where to Leave Your Cat When on Vacation | Travel Like a Prince
Pet care while on vacation requires multiple water bowls and litter boxes. Photo by Mark Burnett
Fill Multiple Water Bowls

Felines love water – the fresher, the better! Leaving lots of water bowls in normal – and even unexpected – places is a fabulous way to make sure that your cat is well hydrated. Investing in a self-waterer is smart, too, although still supplement with extra bowls. Can you leave your cat alone? For a week you will need multiple water sources for them as hydration is really important for kitties.

Invest in More Litter Boxes

Cleaning out the litter box is probably everyone’s least favorite task, so giving the ones you have on hand a fresh cleaning and new litter can help with odors. Also, putting out an extra box or two can only help – especially if your caregiver can’t make it every day. Leaving cats home alone while on vacation can result in a big mess if you aren’t prepared with multiple, clean litter boxes.

Encourage Play With New Toys

Purchase a few new toys to occupy kitty while you aren’t around. Getting a few interactive toys for your pet sitter to use can also help your cat bond with him or her. Bonus points if you already have another fur baby to keep your kitty company.

so, are you leaving cats while on vacation?

Hopefully, now you’ve figured out where to leave your cat when on vacation and what to do with your cat when you travel. There really are a lot of options, although keeping kitty in familiar surroundings is best. Yes, you can leave your cat alone for a week, but ultimately, it is best to seek out pet care while on vacation to relieve your anxiety about leaving.

Cats are pretty flexible, but they can also experience cat separation anxiety. Vacation with confidence by following my tips for a successful time of travel!

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