Help the Bushfires in Australia – Buy From Their Makers

Help the Bushfires in Australia - Buy From Their Makers | Travel Like a Prince

What has been going on with the bushfires in Australia lately is no secret, and if you are unaware, a quick Google search or heading here can fill you in. The devastation, heartache, and loss of life have been enormous, and once the fires in Australia are under control, the continent will need to rebuild. That is where you can help by purchasing from the country’s makers.

Bushfires in Australia Today

When events pass and are no longer covered by the news, it’s natural to focus on the next thing and let memories fade. I’m guilty of that for sure. However, these are some of the worst bushfires in Australia’s history, and the after-effects for the country and its people will remain for years to come.

Help Makers Affected by Bushfires in Australia

Yes, you can donate to organizations. One comedian I follow has done wonders for raising funds for her home country. Beyond that, you can directly impact local businesses in the country by buying from its makers. There are a few IG accounts you can follow and hashtags you can peruse to find makers. 

I encourage you to think about upcoming holidays – Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas. Think beyond the holidays to teacher gifts, showers, weddings, and whatever you have coming up. Take a peek at what Australian makers are creating. It’s a small way to help revitalize their communities! 

Instagram Accounts with Australian Makers


Spend with Them is an Instagram account that has been made and curated specifically for aiding locally owned and operated businesses. Head directly to the account or search #spendwiththem to find out which makers you can help.

I like the fact that they highlight the stories from the businesses, how they are impacted, and what they do in the captions. Normally, I wouldn’t include the text, but Spend with Them does such an amazing job that I just couldn’t leave them out.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from @spendwiththem.

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Alex and Jo opened their small neighbourhood bistro @smalltownmilton in Milton last September. You might know them as the duo behind the hatted restaurant St Isidore, which they closed down last year in order to open this new venture. It was an enormous investment, and they were excited to serve their delicious food and gulpable wine to the summer crowd that usually flock to the south coast for the holidays. But, without this trade, Alex and Jo have been left in a precarious situation. We love these guys and you can #spendwiththem by purchasing a gift voucher from They’ll pass it on to an RFS volunteer or a local family in need. Totally win-win and a serious generosity ripple effect ❤️❤️❤️

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When Meagan followed her heart and moved to Australia from Canada 11 years ago to start a life with her new husband, Caleb, she never anticipated becoming a goat dairy farmer! They raise their goats and their young family from their property in Nowra. Megan also came up with the genius idea to start making goat’s milk soap when her son was suffering from eczema. Her business @mapleridgegoatsoap was originally a way just to make a bit of extra money, but after years of suffering through the drought they had to make the heartbreaking decision to shut down their farm and sell off most of their goats. With the few goats they had left, Megan continued making her products and building her business, and the income helped to keep the family afloat. Now, Megan and Caleb have fires burning all around them and their goats have nowhere to graze. All the markets have been cancelled, so Megan can no longer sell her soap and candles at local markets. She is trying hard to stay positive, but this has hit them hard. Megan says a boost in sales will help them buy hay for their goats and keep their family going for a while longer, so let’s #spendwiththem and get behind her! You can buy by DMing her Insta or through her Facebook page (search for Maple Ridge Goat Soap) 🐐

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Buy from the Bush was originally created to help drought-stricken regions of Australia, but these areas are where fires are most likely to take place. They use #buyfromthebush, which is easily searchable on Instagram for helping out those impacted by fires in Australia today.

Their account has been up and running for a while. By searching through their feed, you will see a lovely selection of handmade Australian goods to help those affected by bushfires in Australia.

View a few pieces from drought and fire regions below.


The account supports small makers in Australia in general, however it is not necessarily specifically curating those affected by drought or bushfires in Australia.

Do a bit of searching around on Love Australia Handmade, and you may find a few pieces that you can’t live without to help the country as a whole. They use #loveaustraliahandmade.

Here are a few favorites of mine!

What about you? Do you love some of the products above?

Many people are hesitant to donate, but supporting local businesses in your own community helps your area thrive. The same is true for purchasing directly from makers that are experiencing some of the worst bushfires in Australia today.

If you have other ideas on how to help fund the destruction from bushfires in Australia, I would love to hear what those are. This is just one that I was alerted to by scrolling through Instagram. You never know where you will find inspiration!

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