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Travel to See the Pantone Color of the Year

It’s 2020. Yay! And a new year equals a new color. At least according to Pantone (see here to check out the Pantone Color of the Year 2020). This year’s color is Classic Blue, and I want to encourage you to let it inspire you to travel the globe to find the hue – or at least notice it a bit more as you journey the Pantone universe.

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About the Pantone Color Finder

Before I get started, you may be wondering about Pantone. As in – who are they, and how can they recommend a color? Just like there are designers who know fashion and home trends, there is a company out there who determines color trends while also providing a system for organizing hues.

You may call it fuschia and someone else may call it hot pink, but the Pantone color finder can help you determine the correct name and formulation. If you are curious about previous trends, there is also a Pantone Color of the Year list to check out.

Places to Head to View Classic Blue

The exact Pantone swatch is here, and I will admit that not every location is an exact match to the hue. But that’s ok! The true color is somewhere in between navy and royal blue, so get ready to discover Pantone 2020 via the images below.

Classic Blue Tiles – Portugal

I went to Portugal in 2018 and fell in love with the tiles all over the country. Porto and Lisbon were filled with them. They cover buildings and accent architecture. So lovely!

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The Blue City – Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco is known as the blue city due to the color of the buildings. So many are painted the beautiful hue that Pantone 2020 claimed as its own. The city is also nicknamed The Blue Pearl. Stunning!

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Blue Penguins – New Zealand

Yes! You heard that right, so animals lovers unite. If you want to see penguins in the Pantone color of the year, then heading to New Zealand is the way to go. So cute!

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Blue Ridge Mountains – United States

I happen to live in this area, so I can attest that the Blue Ridge Mountains (in VA, TN, and NC) inspire artwork and outdoor activities. I don’t quite understand the science, but the trees release a chemical that helps the haze look a bluish color. So pretty!

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Blue Flowers – Japan

Ok, I will definitely admit that this is not a Pantone swatch match. Being in the wedding industry, I can attest to the fact that blue flowers aren’t terribly common, but Ibaraki, Japan has a lovely bloom of the hue.

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Blue Roofs – Greece

Santorini is such a beautiful place, and blue is incorporated in so many ways. The sky, the water, and – of course – the gorgeous, round, blue roofs. This may be the ideal place to go in the Pantone universe to experience the hue.

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St. Mary’s Church – Poland

Upon first glance, St. Mary’s Church in Krakow, Poland doesn’t show a hint of blue. Go inside, look up, and you will feel differently. Actually, many churches around the globe feature blue in their ceilings, so be sure to face skyward even if you are indoors!

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Bioluminescent Plankton – Maldives

This one amazes me! There is plankton that glows blue at night. What a thing to check off of your travel list. Australia, Iran, and South America are places you can view plankton in addition to The Maldives. So interesting!

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Northern Lights – Finland

Before I give full credit to Finland, there are many other countries for viewing the Northern Lights – Alaska in the USA, Iceland, and Norway are other popular spots. This is also one that amazes me, and – yes the blue may be a bit of a stretch – but you can never go wrong by seeing colorful lights against a dark blue night sky. What a lovely world we live in!

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So, what do you think about the Pantone Color of the Year?

Do you love it and will it inspire you to head somewhere new? I can totally understand if you don’t change your travel plans, but I hope that you can be intentional about finding Classic Blue in your wanderings. Have fun!!

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7 responses to “Travel to See the Pantone Color of the Year”

  1. Deborah Avatar

    Oh wow, this is fantastic! I love that these colors can be found in nature! I am also really loving Pantone’s color choice this year!

  2. Stephanie Whitman Avatar
    Stephanie Whitman

    Well, the closest I’ll probably get this year will be our mountains here in VA, but I know they’re spectacularly beautiful, so that’ll be wonderful. This is such a fun post revolving around a gorgeous color! It makes me want to explore so many new places.

  3. Nailil Avatar

    These are some amazing places. I’d travel to find these blues 🙂

  4. Kileen Avatar

    All of these shades of blue and places are truly breathtaking! What a perfect color to start the decade with!

  5. Ashley Avatar

    Any shade of blue is my favorite. It’s so beautiful. I will have to pay attention to my surroundings and take photos. 

  6. Taylor Mobley Avatar
    Taylor Mobley

    I’ve never thought of traveling to see the color of the year but oh my gosh what a fabulous idea.

  7. Amanda Avatar

    These images all look amazing— such a fun idea for a Pantone color post! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out and see where I spot the color now.