Use an Airbnb Coupon Code to Save on Travel

Reasons to Book Airbnb Coupon Code | Travel Like a Prince

Have you ever tried to book an Airbnb? I love renting through them! I have traveled solo, with my mom, with my daughter, and with my husband on separate trips by booking Airbnb. I’d love to tell you why I do it again and again, and I also have an Airbnb coupon code for up to $55 off, too!

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Reasons Why I Book Airbnb

My first trip using an Airbnb was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico the night before my husband and I sailed out on a cruise. I was looking for a memorable place to stay, and did it ever deliver!

It was such a positive Airbnb rental that I’ve continued to utilize the service and will continue to do so. Here are several reasons why I love Airbnb. Coupon code is at the end, too!

It’s economical – for the most part.

I enjoy saving money, and using Airbnb is somewhat of a way to name your price. No, you can’t haggle with the hosts, but hotels are expensive. Yes, there are luxury Airbnb accommodations, but you can find a full range of prices.

The lowest I paid was $18/night (a shared apartment in Lisbon), and the most expensive was $72 (in Old San Juan). Again, I’m fairly thrifty, so I am always on the lookout for cheap Airbnb options. Honestly, I have to say that I pick mine based on price more than anything else!

Booking an Airbnb Coupon Code | Travel Like a Prince | Need an Airbnb coupon code? Use mine to save up to $55 on your stay!
Airbnbs accommodate various numbers.

Need a twin bed with a shared bath because you’re traveling solo? Done! Need a private house with several bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a kitchen, living area, and outdoor spaces? Done!

Chances are if you need it, it’s out there! From quick solo overnights while waiting for a flight to week-long family vacations, looking on the Airbnb website can help you find what you need.

You can find unique spaces.

This is a fun one! If you are traveling around the world, you truly can find a plethora of unique places to stay. From treehouses and oversea bungalows to restored urban apartments to open rooftops, Airbnb has so many options.

You may even want to pick a destination based on what kind of place you want to stay in. What a fun way to travel and see the world!

Booking an Airbnb Coupon Code | Travel Like a Prince | Need an Airbnb coupon code? Use mine to save up to $55 on your stay!
Hosts and guests can be trusted.

I know this is a tricky one. Truly! I’ve asked Airbnb hosts about having people in their home, and I have also talked to other guests. The good thing about the platform is that you can see who is renting a space and who the host is. And there is a rating system for both.

I stayed in one Airbnb where the owners lived on the first floor, didn’t lock their front door, and left their living space open to their Airbnb guests while they weren’t home. So trusting, but the hosts had never had an issue.

There is an element of trust on both ends, but I think that if you – and the hosts – play it smart and go with your gut, everything will turn out ok. Airbnb has a certain clientele that knows it’s a more personal way to stay, and most of the people honor that. Thankfully!

There is a rating system.

As I stated above, there is a rating system, so you can book with confidence (or give a new host a try). I love reading reviews and tips from former Airbnb renters.

Hosts try to be accommodating because they are being rated. Plus, the guests are also rated, so you want to be respectful, too. It’s a system that breeds positivity!

Booking an Airbnb Coupon Code | Travel Like a Prince | Need an Airbnb coupon code? Use mine to save up to $55 on your stay!
The hosts are knowledgeable.

This has been such a lifesaver for me! I stayed outside of New York City because I didn’t want to pay for parking ($50/day), the Lincoln Tunnel ($16), or downtown hotel prices. That meant that I had to walk to the bus stop to get the Port Authority bus to head into the city. My host was very specific in how to do exactly that!

Other hosts can recommend restaurants, give directions, and talk about what their area has to offer. They can be a fabulous resource for the Airbnb traveler!

There’s a great Airbnb coupon code!

Of course, having an Airbnb coupon code always helps. Especially with your first booking! If you are curious but haven’t taken the plunge yet, click the image below to use my Airbnb coupon code to save up to $55 off of your first booking!

Airbnb Coupon Code for $55 Off

Save 55 on Airbnb Coupon Codes | Book an Airbnb for the First Time

Have you ever booked an Airbnb?

Coupon codes are great and all, but I’d love to hear if you have any real-life advice for booking an Airbnb. We can all learn from each other through successes and even failures.

Did you have a great experience? Can you recommend any locations? Do you have any words of wisdom for the new traveler? I would love to know!

Booking an Airbnb Coupon Code | Travel Like a Prince | Need an Airbnb coupon code? Use mine to save up to $55 on your stay!
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16 responses to “Use an Airbnb Coupon Code to Save on Travel”

  1. Ashley R Avatar
    Ashley R

    I love Airbnb so much. It’s basically all we use. We don’t need fancy stuff when we travel! 

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE Airbnb. We’ve been able to save so much money on our travels, because a lot of places are super affordable – and if we’re only staying one or two nights, it’s much less expensive than booking a hotel. We’ve only had one bad experience, and that was probably a fluke, since the ratings were great. Airbnb is an excellent option!

  3. Carolyn Avatar

    I haven’t booked an Airbnb before – my family members have and they have all had a good experience before! I would definitely try it out!

  4. Subhashish Roy Avatar
    Subhashish Roy

    Thanks for sharing. I always look around for opportunities to save when it comes to accommodation. I must try out B&B sometime although I am yet to.

  5. Agnes Avatar

    I like Airbnb because it’s a chance to meet local people. I prefer cozy houses or apartments instead of hotel rooms. So I often use this solution and book my lodging via Airbnb. The prices are better, and it is great when you can get a coupon.

  6. Indrani Avatar

    Never tried an AirBnB before.
    Definitely a different kind of experience and I am open to it. Only
    waiting for the first opportunity. This offer of saving up to $55 sounds
    so good.

  7. Deborah Avatar

    I love Airbnb – my friends and I are going on a friends-cation soon. I’ll have to use this code when we book our Airbnb!

  8. Lauren West Avatar
    Lauren West

    Airbnbs can be really nice and comfortable but they rack up so many fees! Especially in the USA they can be really expensive at times, if you’re not in a big group. But there really are so many nice ones around the world.

    1. travellikeaprince Avatar

      Oh yes! I have learned that you have to figure out what the total price is before booking. Some people charge $28 to rent but then tack on a $40 cleaning fee – whaaaaatttt?? You definitely need to be savvy!

  9. Efrata Kristina Avatar
    Efrata Kristina

    I love Airbnb because It’s like home far from home. It’s also a great way to experience living like locals but with enough privacy (You decide how far you want to communicate with your host if it’s a shared home/apt). We also get a lot of tips from the owner of Airbnb when we booked a room via Airbnb.

  10. Jackie Avatar

    I always consider Airbnb when traveling. We rented a great little flat in the heart of Florence Italy for a song a few years back! And, I had great luck renting a single room with a view on a working farm off-the-beaten-path further south. Unique experiences priced right–we’ll put this coupon to good use. Thanks!

  11. Delia Atenea Avatar
    Delia Atenea

    Thank you for the code! It’s so timely because I’m about to book our LA trip and we need a place to stay! I cannot wait!

  12. Adele Gee Avatar
    Adele Gee

    We have not been at many Airbnbs. I have mixed feelings about it. There is comfort in feeling like home and it has served its purpose well. A lot of times I feel more comfortable in hotels when I solo travel and that possibly safer too. Depending on the situation, I sometimes find the Airbnb more convenient – it all depends!

  13. Clarice Avatar

    I love Airbnb. It has been our option whenever we travel on the budget. So, I can totally relate when you mentioned that you pick yours based on price!

  14. daniel Avatar

    Even though I have never used an Airbnb during my travel journey I certainly would love to if I get a coupon code, with $55 off. Thanks for sharing. I would surely love to try it soon.

  15. Megan Elliott Avatar
    Megan Elliott

    Yesss! I am a HUGE Airbnb fan and have used them in many different countries. Love this.