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I adore travel. That’s obvious! In 2019, I had the opportunity to experience a few bucket list travel destinations and the best vacation spots in the US. I wanted to share them with you in case you were asking the question, “Where should I travel?” There is a whole world of lovely places out there to experience!

Top Travel Destinations

From outdoor travel destinations to best vacation spots for couples, I’m going to share my favorites via Instagram posts. Some of my best places to travel were for family trips and others were for writing, but I had a great time exploring places to travel in the US and a few top travel destinations.

Maybe you will consider some of them for an upcoming vacation! Take a peek at what my year had in store in chronological order.

Interesting Travel Destinations

Ormond Beach, FL

In the winter, Florida beaches are one of the best places to visit in USA. After all, it’s warm and sunny – hopefully! We vacationed as a family for a week of R&R after the holidays.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Ok, I’ll admit that if I’m at a non-warm beach in the winter, it’s usually for a volleyball tournament. Such was the case here, but the view from the top of the too-cold-to-swim-in-pool sure was pretty!

Washington, DC

This was also for a family trip/volleyball tournament, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t explore DC a bit. I loved this view of Chinatown! For Americans, this should be one of your bucket list travel destinations.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Ah! I loved getting away from the cold to warm and sunny Mexico. The Reef 28 definitely is one of the best vacation spots for couples. It was so romantic!

While there, we also stayed at The Reef Playacar, and this collection of resorts is one of the up and coming travel destinations in one of the best countries to visit if you want to escape the cold!

Mesa, AZ

Arizona is one of the best outdoor travel destinations! I had such a fun time kayaking, paddleboarding, plogging, and whitewater rafting. The Mesa area is one of the best places to travel if you are looking for adventure!

State College, PA

State College was one of the surprising outdoor travel destinations and could be considered one of the best places to visit this summer with all of its food, history, and hiking/water-centric activities near Penn State.

Dover, DE

Dover was another unique place to go and one that was full of surprises! With a race track, deep history (it’s the first state!), casino, farms, and the water, it really did make for a fun trip!

Johnston County, NC

I love vintage things and Johnston County is one of the best places to travel to find interesting antiques! Their Endless Yard Sale was a ton of fun, and I was able to experience it with my youngest daughter.

Reno, NV

Nevada has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit with its natural, sprawling landscape. I was able to experience it via a cattle drive, which was a memorable experience!

Niagara Falls, Ontario

I loved this trip! Honestly, I feel that Niagara Falls is one of the top 10 places to visit in the world, and has to be one of the hottest travel destinations 2020 has to offer. If you haven’t been, PLEASE add it to your bucket list travel destinations. It’s a must-see!

Orlando, FL

Orlando – again – was a volleyball-centric trip, and I was able to head to some of the parks with my older daughter. Here she is at the Animal Kingdom. The area is definitely one of the top travel destinations for families.

St. Augustine, FL

I love it here! For me, it is one of the best places to travel in the US. It is filled with history, great food, and the ocean. Plus, you can easily bike around, which makes it even more fun!

Dallas, TX

I ate my way through Dallas. Between the Margarita Mile and amazing restaurants, I certainly gained a few pounds! There is a lot of history and beautiful architecture in Texas, too.

Philadelphia, PA

Christmas isn’t complete without a visit to downtown Philly! It’s one of our top travel destinations each year. We love it!

New Bern, NC

Admittedly, this isn’t one of the hottest travel destinations 2020 will hold, but I still think that the town is worthwhile to visit! It has tons of vintage shopping, was on the water, and has a bunch of history. We had a great time as a family to end our year!

What are your favorite top travel destinations?

I would love to hear where you are planning to head in 2020! Do you have suggestions on the best countries to visit or where I should travel next? I’m open to exploring up and coming travel destinations or hearing the best vacation spots in the US. Let me know!

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