8 Reasons You Should Travel to Portugal With Me

Reasons You Should Travel to Portugal on a Small Group Tour |Travel Like a Prince Sintra, Porto, Lisbon, Dao Valley

Friends! It’s no secret that I love Portugal. When I traveled with Traverse Journeys on their Taste of Portugal trip, I experienced amazing food, unique wines, and beautiful cities. I also had a few lifechanging experiences. I can’t wait to go back – and you can travel to Portugal with me as I will be leading this year’s trip. I can’t wait, and here are 8 reasons I think you should come along.

Common Questions About Portugal

First, I wanted to answer a few questions you may have about Portugal. I had them before I went, too. Skip to the end if you want to find out the itinerary and grab a promo code for the upcoming trip I’m hosting!

Portugal Cities

When it comes to Portugal, Lisbon is the main city that comes to mind, but there are so many other gorgeous Portugal cities to visit. The top 5 cities in Portugal from largest to smallest are Lisbon (Portugal capital), Porto, Amadora, Braga, and Setubal. Porto Portugal is on our itinerary (as is Lisbon Portugal), and other highlights are Sintra, the Dao Valley, and Tomar.

Portugal Language

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, which is spoken in 10 different countries, including Brazil. It’s good to know a few Portuguese language basics, which include the following Portuguese words:

  • Ola – Hello
  • Adeus – Goodbye (formal)
  • Tchau – Bye (informal)
  • Obrigada – Thank You (males would say Obrigado)
  • De Nada – You’re Welcome
  • Perdao – Pardon Me

Portugal Population

There are around 10.2 million people with 66% of those being in the urban areas of the country.

Portugal People

It’s safe to say that the people of Portugal are kind, and most know a bit of English, which is helpful.

Portugal Currency

The Euro is used in Portugal and throughout much of Europe.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto

Reasons to Travel to Portugal

Now that we have some of the basics out of the way, here are my reasons why I want you to travel to Portugal with me. It’s a great place to be!

To Eat

Portugal has some amazing food! While there, you must sample the pastel de nata, which is an egg custard tart that is delicious and found just about everywhere.

If you enjoy seafood, it’s very fresh there because the coastline of Portugal is so vast. Get your tastebuds ready for so many treats!

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto | Pasteis de nata
To Drink

A huge highlight in Portugal are the wineries, and there are many! We will be visiting the Dao region, and you need to sample Port wine and green wine (yes, green – not really in color, but it has an effervescence).

So many different tastes to try, and the backdrop of the Portuguese vineyards is the perfect place to sample wines. The countryside is beautiful!

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto
To Experience Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is filled with beautiful buildings, quaint shops, and amazing cafes. Of course, there is a ton of history there, too! I enjoyed making my way through the cobblestone streets – both on my own and with the group.

If you are wondering what is Lisbon famous for, there are many highlights including Fado music, urban art, history, blue-tiled buildings, trolleys, red roofs…the list goes on!

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto | Flower Shop
Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto
To See Street Art

Street art. Graffiti. No matter what you want to call it, it’s everywhere. Read my article here for Lonely Planet on my change of heart about this art form.

It is an expression that runs deep for the Portugual people, and you can see it in so many places all over Lisbon Portugal and beyond.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto | Street Art
Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto Graffiti
To Visit Porto Portugal

When I visited Porto, I knew that it was a place I would come back to. It’s on the water, and has so much to do! There is a beautiful bridge that you can walk across to get from one side of the river to another.

The city is also quaint and filled with wandering streets, waterside restaurants, and a few fun things like a cable car and a Ferris wheel. Porto Portugal is a highlight for many that are visiting the country.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto
To Get a Close Up Look at Azulejos

The what? The Portuguese tile. Azul means blue. Although that is the predominant color of the tile, other colors – such as green, red, brown, and yellow – can be found all over the country. The tiles are something memorable about Portugal, and purchasing a new or vintage tile makes a fun souvenir to take home if you choose.

Beyond the tile on the buildings, the streets and sidewalks are filled with stunning patterns of black and gray stonework. Some of it is used to mark addresses, and others are used to make the public places even more gorgeous!

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto Azulejo
To Be in Awe of Sintra

I LOVED Sintra. Truly. So much so, in fact, that I spent an extra day there once my tour with Traverse ended. I’m excited that we will be spending more time there during this trip.

It’s filled with palaces, a quaint historic center, and adorable shops. Sintra is perfect for finding more authentic souvenirs, such as vintage tile and original paintings.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto
To Do Something Different

The trip impacted me, and I also established friendships while soaking in the experience. When I decided to head to Portugal, I was excited to travel to Europe. Of course, that was amazing, but I also learned so much about myself.

One of the things that I love about Traverse Journeys is the ability to travel “solo” in a group. Click here to read an article I wrote on solo group travel, but it really is a wonderful option! It is a way to go alone while having a set itinerary and meeting others.

You are in charge of your free time – explore to the fullest, take a nap, or have a glass of wine at a cafe. If you need downtime, take it, or if you want to be social, you can do that, too.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto

Information About Travel to Portugal

Of course, you need a bit of information, right? Find out about the day to day itinerary, cost, and more by clicking here. I have traveled with Traverse Journeys several times, and each time I learn, experience a new area and have a wonderful time with others.

Traverse also includes a community project or volunteer time during their trips, and in Portugal they have partnered with Yes You Can Spray. You can read more about them here. Traverse’s premise of “people, planet, purpose” shines through in all they do as they concentrate on responsible travel.

use the code JP100 to save $100 on your trip

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to see you in Portugal or take a peek at other trips that Traverse hosts here.

Portugal | Travel Like a Prince | Lisbon Sintra Porto | Street Art
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