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Blue Light Protection | Working from Home | How to Protect Your Skin from Blue Light

I know, I know. Here you are reading on a computer screen or phone minding your own business, and I’m here to interrupt you and chat about blue light protection. So many of us are working from home at the moment for hours on the computer, and even though we’re inside, we are still exposed to harmful rays via our devices. It’s an important thing to be aware of, so let’s dive in!

This is in collaboration with Derma E to inform about blue light protection and helpful products.

What is blue light?

That’s a great question! It’s a bit technical, but light and rays come in certain wavelengths. What we can see runs in the 500-700 nm range and ultraviolet light – the harmful rays that cause skin cancer – are in the 100-380 nm range. Blue light wavelengths settle in between in the 380-500 nm range.

So, although the blue light wavelength isn’t quite as harmful as UV rays, they can still cause damage to our eyes and skin as we sit and stare at a screen for hours on end. Blue light rays can also come from the sun, flat-screen TVs, and fluorescent light. It’s basically all around us, and the wavelength dictates the blue light definition range.

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What can blue light do?

There is such a thing as blue light eye damage. Studies show that it increases eye strain and can cause macular damage, which can lead to eventual blindness. Of course, this is all a bit extreme, but the range of blue light (meaning the wavelengths between 380-500 nm) can cause permanent harm.

Blue light technology can also cause skin damage in the form of premature aging, inflammation, dark spots or a change in color, and a weakening of the skin’s tissues. It all sounds pretty scary, but there is blue light protection available to help out.

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Practical Blue Light Protection

It’s important to know how to protect your skin from blue light while also preventing blue light eye damage. The products below can be especially helpful if you have a lot of screen time throughout the day.

Use a blue light filter.

If you have ever used a protective film on your phone or computer screen to keep it from scratching or cracking, then you are somewhat familiar with how a blue light filter works. A filter can block the blue light wavelengths so that they never reach your eyes and skin, which can be a huge help! It’s a simple way to stop the damage at the source.

Prevent blue light eye damage with glasses.

Special computer glasses are available without a prescription that will protect your eyes from blue light wavelengths. Putting these on while you are at your computer won’t hinder your vision, yet they will block the harmful rays from getting through to hurt your eyes.

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Know how to protect your skin from blue light.

There are special blue light beauty products that can help form a barrier between your skin and the light itself. This is a fabulous way to keep protected at all times if you make it a part of your daily skincare routine – no makeup required! Derma E has a line of blue light protection items that can keep your skin in great shape.

  • Blue Light Shield Spray – Maintain optimal balance while reducing the effects of environmental and digital pollution.
  • Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum – Combat environmental aggressors with this highly effective serum.
  • Vitamin C Peel – A radiance-boosting, non-abrasive blend that helps to resurface and smooth skin’s texture.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Toner – A facial toner to help rebalance the skin’s pH after cleansing and prepare it to receive moisture or treatment. 
  • Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen Face – A facial formula that delivers broad-spectrum protection and anti-aging antioxidant defense.
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Have you ever tried a blue light skin product?

It’s a fairly new concept for me, but with as much time I spend on the computer communicating, writing, and blogging, I’m glad I’m aware! Take a peek at my post on clean beauty products I love while you’re here.

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