Jennifer Prince ~ freelance writer

Hi! I’m Jennifer.

As a Biology major, I happened upon my love for writing. After teaching high school science for 4 years, I stayed at home with my children, and it was then that I started journaling my thoughts on daily life. I submitted a few of my pieces, which were published in books. That was followed by writing for local magazines, and I eventually started a wedding blog and women’s magazines.

In 2019, I decided to leave print publishing, take my decade of writing experience, and pitch pieces to major outlets in the travel realm. I also began doing freelance work and ghostwriting for clients. In the process, I discovered that I love taking thoughts and conveying them in the written word.

what I do well as a freelance writer

  • Convey information in a clear, professional manner with an interesting, relatable tone.
  • Come up with creative ideas on topics and how to best communicate them.
  • Work on tight deadlines while providing excellent pieces.
  • Write independently without having to be micromanaged.
  • Incorporate SEO keywords in a way that makes sense while gaining traffic.
  • Source free use images when needed.

what I enjoy doing as a freelance writer

  • Writing articles and blog posts.
  • Providing copy for websites.
  • Writing blurbs for social media posts.
  • Providing ad copy for both visual ads and advertorials.
  • Scripting newsletter articles and email copy.

freelance pricing structure

All web writing includes SEO keyword research and implementation.
  • Website copy – Starting at $800, which includes copy for front and about pages along with copy for 2 additional pages.
  • Blog, article, email, and newsletter writing – Starting at 20 cents per word.
  • Social media posts – Starting at 20 cents per word with a minimum batch of 10 posts.
  • Ad copy – Starting at 20 cents per word.

client article portfolio

I would love to work with you on creatively spreading the word about your business. Get in touch at [email protected].

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