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Jennifer Prince ~ Freelance Travel Writer

Jennifer Prince – a freelance travel writer whose work has been featured on Lonely Planet and Matador Network

I’m Jennifer, a travel content writer who adores off-the-beaten-path itineraries. I’m passionate about F&B, solo female trips, philanthropy, sustainability, & wedding-related travel.

Want to work with me as a writer or travel influencer? Email [email protected] or call 434-851-2224.

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How I became a travel writer and travel influencer

A month-long trip at the age of 14 inspired my wanderlust, and during that journey, my parents exposed me to nine different countries. The sights, culture, and cuisine of each made a strong impression. Since then, I have cruised the Caribbean and Mediterranian, scoured European and Central American cities for unique things to do, and perused towns close to my home state of Virginia. I have also done extensive mission work with children in Africa, Nepal, China, and Mexico.

In 1994, I graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, after which I taught for four years. Who knew I would eventually use the other side of my brain and become a freelance travel writer and travel influencer? I currently reside in Virginia with my husband of 25 years, three children, one granddaughter, and five felines. Other than travel and writing, I enjoy 80s music, vintage things, fostering kittens, time with family, and vegetarian cuisine.

I would love to work with you in promoting your destination. It is a joy to help others while doing what I love as a travel writer!