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  • Post Travel Hair Treatment to Rescue Your Locks

    Post Travel Hair Treatment to Rescue Your Locks

    I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes it’s more difficult when I travel to take care of my hair. If your hair needs a bit more TLC and some extra cleaning and moisturizing when you get home, be sure to try this great hair treatment!

  • Our Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

    Our Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

    My daughter had a volleyball tournament (Big South if you’re familiar) in Atlanta Georgia over the course of three days. We found ourselves with free time and headed off to the Georgia Aquarium. Here is what we did and our thoughts on all that we experienced.

  • Watercolor DIY Travel Journal

    Watercolor DIY Travel Journal

    Crafting your own souvenir is meaningful, and it also makes the journey a bit more special. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to design your own travel journal with watercolor. Even if you aren’t an artist (I’m not!) it’s a lovely and colorful way to preserve your memories.

  • Millinocket Maine {NE Outdoor Center}

    Millinocket Maine {NE Outdoor Center}

    When I was growing up, we spent many summers vacationing in Maine. I remember jumping into lakes, seeing live lobsters and genuinely having a wonderful time. I was able to relive my experiences while visiting Millinocket Maine’s New England Outdoor Center, which is a perfect destination for an outdoor experience.

  • St. Simon’s Island, Georgia {The King & Prince}

    St. Simon’s Island, Georgia {The King & Prince}

    If you’re looking for a fabulous place to head for a relaxing time away, look no further than The King & Prince Beach & Golf Resort in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. The island has so much to offer. Whether it’s history, shopping, eating, adventure or just relaxing by the beach or pool, this destination has something…

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