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  • How to Deal with Post Travel Depression

    How to Deal with Post Travel Depression

    Have you ever come home from a trip and felt…not yourself? I did! It actually seems quite natural. After all, we spend time planning and looking forward to a trip, and then before we know it, we are home and it’s all over. If you’ve ever experienced post-travel depression, here are a few ways to…

  • My 5 Travel Must Haves

    My 5 Travel Must Haves

    Recently I was asked by Wellington World Travels to list my 5 travel must-haves. It wasn’t hard to come up with them quickly. It was part of a collaborative post that had a TON of great tips from travel bloggers. Take a peek at the full list on Wellington World Travels HERE. From the essential…

  • My First Airbnb Experience

    My First Airbnb Experience

    Have you ever used Airbnb? To be honest, I was REALLY afraid to try it as I didn’t know what would be in store. Plus, we were flying outside of the continental US, so that added another unknown factor. I’d love to tell you about our experience at what was listed as a “funky rooftop…