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  • Beer or Cider? Have Both on a Pour Tour

    Beer or Cider? Have Both on a Pour Tour

    If you can’t decide between beer or cider, or if you crave the both, heading out on a tour such as the Adams County Pour Tour means that you don’t have to choose! I recently experienced several stops on the tour, and here are a few favorites that offer beer and/or cider along with a…

  • 1797 Historic Hotel {Gettysburg Hotel}

    1797 Historic Hotel {Gettysburg Hotel}

    When it comes to hotels, I love to frequent places that are one of a kind. Whether they have a boutique, historic, or bed and breakfast vibe, I enjoy claiming a space for a night or two in a unique place – and the Gettysburg Hotel is just that!

  • Pour Tour Fashion – What to Wear

    Pour Tour Fashion – What to Wear

    I adore press trips because it opens up opportunities both in location and experience. I grew up in PA, but I had never visited Gettysburg. What a shame! It is known for battlefields and history, but I went to promote theĀ Adams County Pour Tour, which I will feature in an upcoming post.

  • 4th of July Tradition {Dancing Dog Antiques}

    I love traditions – even if they border on the unusual! My family has had a lake house in northeastern PA for almost 30 years ago, and I have literally spent all of those years up at Elk Lake for Independence Day. Over time our family has developed another annual event. Part of our 4th…

  • Wine & Spirits on the Adams County Pour Tour

    Wine & Spirits on the Adams County Pour Tour

    Ready for a fun tasting tour? Then head to Adams County, PA to have your fill of beer, cider, wine, and spirits! If you crave beer or cider, check my previous post here, but if you are all about wine and spirits, then read on. Crave all of them? Then be sure to check out…