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  • Help the Bushfires in Australia – Buy From Their Makers

    What has been going on with the bushfires in Australia lately is no secret, and if you are unaware, a quick Google search or heading here can fill you in. The devastation, heartache, and loss of life have been enormous, and once the fires in Australia are under control, the continent will need to rebuild. That is where you […]

  • 5 Child-Centered Philanthropic Trips for 2019

    5 Child-Centered Philanthropic Trips for 2019

    A new year is approaching! Many people are making the shift from thinking of themselves to utilizing their time to help others. Some are passionate about ecology and animals. If your focus is children, here are 5 philanthropic trips to encourage your soul while doing good around the world. Oh, and these are places I […]

  • Volunteering in Mexico {Centro Infantil}

    Volunteering in Mexico {Centro Infantil}

    Voluntourism. It’s definitely a buzzword nowadays, isn’t it? I have always called it philanthropic travel (which is really hard to say, honestly!), but no matter what it’s called, I personally think that they are trips worth taking. One recent trip of mine involved heading to Centro Infantil de los AngelesĀ in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico […]